The Happy Hour Gift Bundle

The Happy Hour Gift Bundle

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Be the host with the most with this Happy Hour Gift Bundle! We've curated this collection to include a wide variety of chip flavors, so you may discover a new favorite.

Your Happy Hour Gift Bundle contains one of each of the following:

1. Iburigakko Smokey Chips
These chips are flavored with Akita Prefecture’s specialty: iburigakko, or smoked pickled radish. Sanshin’s potato chips are made with rice flour, providing a lighter texture with a satisfying crunch.

2. Koikeya Pride Potato Chips: Rock Salt
Different grain sizes were used to achieve a sharp taste and rich potato flavor in these chips.

Please Note: Packaging may be different than photographed. 

3. Kara Mucho Hot Chili Chips
These spicy potato chips have hints of chili pepper for a bit of a kick!

4. Strong Sour Cream Onion Potato Chips
Tangy sour cream and the sweetness of onion are combined for a savory taste in these chips.

5. Suppa Mucho Chips: Plum
Sour and savory ume plum is the main flavor of these chips, which pair perfectly with a glass of beer.

6. Seaweed and Soy Sauce Potato Chips 
The deep flavors of grilled nori (Japanese seaweed), aosa seaweed (seaweed with finer texture), and green laver are combined with the mild taste of soy sauce in these chips.

7. Kataage Potato Chips: Black Pepper
Thickly sliced potatoes are slowly and carefully fried, releasing more flavor the more you chew. The chips are enhanced with black pepper and a bit of tangy spice.

8. Katsuobushi Sliced Dried Bonito and Wasabi Potato Chips
Pour the provided bonito flakes into this bag of wasabi-flavored potato chips for a unique umami (savory flavor) taste.

9. Sweet Butter Potato Chips
Four ingredients are combined in these potato chips—butter, honey, parsley, and mascarpone cheese—for a slightly sweet and salty flavor.

10. Pizza Potato Chips
These thick-cut potato chips are topped with melted cheese using a unique "melted flakes" process, giving them a rich, complex flavor (along with hints of meat, tomatoes, and spices).

11. Ajiwai Beer Glass
Refrigerate this glass ahead of time and pour your favorite beer when you're ready to indulge yourself with this glass made in Japan. 

12. 2 Bags of Mystery Snacks!
We've included two random snacks that'll be a hit at the next happy hour you host!

Please note: Contents may vary slightly from the pictures - please reference the list above for details on exactly what is included.

  • Common Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Fish, Wheat, Soy, Sesame
  • Also Contains: Mollusk shellfish
  • Ajiwai Beer Glass: Diameter 61mm (2.40") Height 141mm (5.55"); Material: Soda lime glass; Volume: 310ml; Dishwasher safe; Do not place in microwave or oven.; This glass is not heat-resistant. Do not pour hot liquid into the glass.

This product contains meat. Bokksu is not responsible for any import-related issues that may arise due to importing meat substances. Please check your local regulations regarding importing meat products before ordering.

DISCLAIMER: Note that the common allergens and dietary restrictions listed here are directly translated from the packaging as reference; we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain allergens/animal products in the items so please consume them at your own risk with careful attention to any personal health concerns.

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