The Best Gift Ideas For When You Have No Clue What To Buy Them

by Danny Taing

Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us. While the holidays are great, they can also be stressful; everyone knows one of those impossible-to-shop-for people. Maybe they seem like they have everything already, or they say, “I’ll love anything you get me because it will be from you!” or it’s a Secret-Nondenominational-Santa at your office or perhaps a cousin you haven’t seen in years. Whoever it is on your list, stress no more. Look no further than Bokksu’s Japanese snack selection to get you out of any gift bind.

Bokksu snack box

Bokksu Snack Box

If you want to provide someone with the full Bokksu experience, you can gift them an individual box subscription that delivers authentic Japanese snacks, teas, and candies right to their door. Each month’s unique gift box includes between 20 and 24 treats centered around a fun cultural theme as well as an in-depth guide magazine that details the history and significance behind each product.

You deserve authentic Japanese treats

Bokksu Boutique


It is always a safe bet to go with the incredibly popular pocky, which will never let you down. Go with the Winter Melty Cocoa Pocky – it’s a seasonal exclusive! This pocky melts in your mouth and is topped off with a dusting of cocoa powder for an extra chocolatey punch.

Japanese Tea

Check out our Japanese tea selection to find a fun and distinctive gift like Kagoshima Seicha Gift Box! You can find the perfect brew for any tea drinker out there. If they enjoy the midday pick-me-up from a caffeinated brew, choose Hoshino Matcha Latte sticks. When poured into hot or cold water, the powder transforms into a sweet mix of traditional and modern with matcha and milk. If you have an herbal tea lover to shop for, head over to the Ginger & Yuzu Herbal Tea. This brew combines hints of ginger and yuzu fruit, creating a flavorful blend reminiscent of summer.

Japanese Kit Kat

Kit Kat bars’ popularity has spread like wildfire in Japan, which has led to an explosion of new flavors. You can gift Japanese Kit Kats from Bokksu that you would never find in your local convenience store. They come in unusual and creative flavors such as Cranberry and Almond, Citrus Mint, Yuzu Sake, and even Cheesecake! Lastly, for the truly insatiable Kit Kat lover, gift a little of everything with this year’s variety box.

Bokksu Team Favorites

mini red bean crackers

Mini Red Bean Crackers

Mini Red Bean Crackers are crisp and buttery biscuit snacks that bring a surprise with every bite as a delicious thin layer of classic red bean paste hides in the middle.

seaweed snack

Seaweed Tempura: Setouchi Sudachi Citrus Flavor

The tangy Seaweed Tempura is flavored with the sudachi, a green citrus fruit native to Japan. These tantalizing snacks are made of seaweed sheets that are battered and fried and then infused with sudachi flavoring.

mala agesen

Mala Agesen Fried Rice Cracker

And for someone who loves to have a little kick in their snacking experience, the Mala Agesen Fried Rice Cracker is the one to choose. It is a satisfying blend of crunchy and spicy. Pro tip: this rice cracker pairs particularly well with beer.

Bokksu Gift card

And of course, if you are lucky enough to have a super picky eater on your list this year, you can’t go wrong with a Bokksu gift card. Gift this person a ticket to Japanese snack wonderland and let them choose for themselves! Who knows, they might find their new favorite treat or even share the snack love with you! So, cheers to salvaging what’s left of 2020 by giving the gift of Bokksu. We promise you can find something for everyone on your list, and some for yourself, of course. It is a treat-yourself season after all.

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