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Japanese Snack Boxes for Anyone with a Sweet Tooth

Japanese Snack Boxes for Anyone with a Sweet Tooth
Japanese gift giving is a cultural tradition with deep roots. It is customary in Japan to give gifts at certain times of the year. One such time is Oseibo, when employees give their bosses a gift of appreciation at the end of the year. Another time when gift giving is expected is when one returns from a trip. The traveler brings back an omiyage, a memento or treat to share a hint of the locale with those who stayed behind.

You don’t have to practice Japanese traditions or timelines to enjoy the flavors of Japan from artisanal makers who present their products in truly gorgeous packaging. Bokksu offers a wide selection of Japanese snack boxes suited to any recipient under the sun. Here are some Japanese gift boxes that were curated by some of the most well-known confectioners and specialty shops in Japan.

Japanese Treats and Desserts

Dango are chewy and addictive mochi rice balls on a stick. If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out! In Japan, dango are synonymous with festivals, celebrations, and street markets. Doesn’t the word dango just sound cheerful and playful? There seems to be a dango for every happy occasion and every unique region in Japan. The Shine Muscat Mochi Dango Gift Box contains individually wrapped dango skewers that are infused with juice from Shine Muscat grapes, which are said to have a uniquely floral or even mango flavor. This Japanese snack box gives a nod to the Nagano region where the Shine Muscat grape is grown.

Shine Muscat Mochi Dango Gift Box

Another iconic Japanese snack is manju. Manju are thinly kneaded wheat buns filled with delectable, sweet surprises. The Hanaoka Gift Set contains four types of manju that are equally scrumptious: azuki red bean, milk or cream, sweet potato, and pumpkin. Also in the gift box are Takeho arare rice crackers from Kyoto. With their perfect salt and scallion seasoning and extra crunch, these arare rice crackers are a nice complement to the sweet manju. One more treat is included in the set: coffee jelly! In Japan, this rich, smooth, gelatinous coffee dessert sculpted in an elegant mound, known as kohii zerii, is a perfect accompaniment to coffee and a refreshing finale to any meal.

Hanaoka Gift Set

The Yokohama Bashamichi Millefeuille Gift Set represents East-West fusion that yielded a gourmet dessert. Yokohama was among the first entry points for international trade in Japan during the Meiji period, and this French-inspired confection is a testament to the exchange of goods and ideas between Japan and Europe. Each individually wrapped millefeuille cookie—which comes in lemon, chocolate, coffee, and raspberry flavors—is a pastry phenom of thinly layered, buttery and flaky biscuit alternating with light, sweet cream filling. It may have inspiration from France, but the subtle sweetness, perfect texture, and beautiful packaging are definitely Japanese!

Yokohama Bashamichi Millefeuille Gift Set

Are you looking for a sophisticated, gluten-free Japanese dessert? Look no further than the Rice Flour Baumkuchen Gift Box. Again inspired by European visitors to Japan, baumkuchen means “tree cake” in German due to its characteristic ring pattern. In a true twist of Japanese aesthetics, this baumkuchen has been formed into the shape of bamboo and is a stunning, deep black color. Bamboo signifies a long and pure life. The cake itself is moist and flavorful and made from the best ingredients available, including high-quality rice flour, mineral-rich bamboo charcoal, and eggs from rice-fed hens. With its classy black and gold theme, the box it comes from is as eye-popping as the cake inside. Whoever gets this gift box will surely know how much you admire them.

Rice Flour Baumkuchen Gift Box

Japanese Sweets and Snacks on Demand

Get your craving or curiosity about Japanese snacks filled by having one of these Bokksu Boutique selections delivered to your door. These premium Japanese sweets are sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face and a tingle to their taste buds this winter!

If you sign up for Bokksu’s Japanese snack subscription box, you can enjoy sampling a variety of Japanese sweets and snacks and decide which your favorites are. Plus, by subscribing to receive a monthly Japanese snack box, you support talented local makers who are keeping traditions alive in every Japanese candy and Japanese snack they produce.

By Megan Taylor Stephens

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