November '19: Sarah Araki-Kwee from Virginia

by Julia LiMarzi

Sarah Araki-Kwee from Virginia

Member since January 2019


It's Member Spotlight time! This month's Member Spotlight is Sarah Araki-Kwee from Virginia. For Sarah, a mutual love of snacks was something she and her husband Joshua bonded over and continue to share today with their son Oliver. Read what they have to say about their Bokksu experience:

1. What made you fall in love with Japanese snacks?

Growing up, most of my friends were Japanese. It was the same in college. My husband is also half Japanese and half Chinese&Korean, so our mutual love of food and snacks was a bonding point!

2. How did you first hear about Bokksu?

When my husband joined the United States Navy, we had to move from our home in Hawai’i. It was easier to access some Japanese snacks there. After researching a way to get our favorite thing, Bokksu was a perfect match!!

3. What made you decide to take the plunge and join?

We really missed our comfort snacks/treats. When my son and I were alone while my husband was at training for months, I decided Bokksu would be a great thing to look forward to each month.

4. Are you the kind of person who eats your box in one go, or do you take your time throughout the month?

It depends on the month! Holiday themes I try to draw out the whole month or save until the holiday. Non-holiday themes I have less self control haha (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

5. What was your favorite snack or theme from our past boxes?

I looooove the autumn and Christmas themes!

6. Do you have a favorite thing about Bokksu? If so, what is it?

I love knowing where my treats come from and any history behind them. You can see the care that Bokksu and the manufacturers of the food put into their products for the consumer.

7. Do you ever share your Bokksu? With who? (if not, we don’t blame you!)

I share with my husband and my toddler! However, sometimes I have to hide certain items (*^ω^*). When my husband is gone for work for a long time, I will pull his favorite treats or flavors and make a little care package with them. I put cute notes and the descriptions from the book so he doesn’t miss out!

8. Do you guys ever fight over snacks, or do you have different tastes?

My husband and I do have similar tastes, but he has much more of a sweet tooth than I. I’m more fruit, tea, nuts, or dark chocolate for sweets, while he loves white chocolate and allll the sugar!

9. What is a future theme you’d like to see us do?

I think a 12 days of Christmas or an Advent calendar box would be cool! We would get to open one a day that’s a delicious surprise leading up to an extra special treat at the end!

10. What Japanese snack would you like to see in a future box?

My husband wants unique flavored ramen (Japan exclusive flavors).

11. What’s your favorite Japanese snack or food? (doesn’t need to be a Bokksu snack)

I love anpan and mochi! Udon and sushi are also favorites. (I’ll eat anything though.) My husband loves ramen and all Japanese confections.

12. Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, what was the highlight of your trip?

We have yet to go but really want to! We hope to see friends and family and perhaps live there for a while! We want to explore nature and food experiences. I really want to go hiking and to hot springs.

Thank you so much Sarah for being this month's Member Spotlight! I hope you continue to enjoy Bokksu for many months to come!

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