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March '17 Bokksu: Snacks Over Flowers 花より団子

March Bokksu Tasting Guide Cover

March is the most highly anticipated month of the year due to the blooming sakura and delicious Spring foods. The Japanese idiom Hana Yori Dango (花より団子) roughly translates to “food is better than flowers” and advises one to prefer substantial items such as food over decorative items such as flowers. We absolutely agree with this old idiom, which is why we’ve curated a blossoming assortment of sakura, strawberry, and plum snacks to help you celebrate the upcoming Spring renewal!

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Sakura Rusk
- +
White Strawberry (12 Pieces)
- +
Ume Sablé Cookie
- +
Languly Strawberry ラングリーいちごクリーム
- +
Ume Kobucha 小さな恋物語 梅こぶ茶
- +