July '18 Bokksu: Citrus Refresh

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    July 2018 Citrus Refresh Bokksu

    There's nothing like citrus to keep you cool on a hot Summer day, which is why this month we are bringing you a taste of Japan's most refreshing citrus snacks! Citrus is packed with many health benefits like Vitamin C and Flavinoids. It can also lift you up on hot afternoons when natsubate (summer fatigue) hits. We've curated some familiar citrus flavors like orange and lemon as well as some you may not be familiar with like Yuzu, Hyuganatsu, and Shiquasa. While Yuzu has been growing in popularity worldwide, Hyuganatsu and Shiquasa are still fairly unknown, so we are excited to give you your first taste of these delicious Japanese fruits! Hyuganatsu is native to Miyazaki Prefecture (formerly called Hyuga) and Shiquasa grows in the Ryukyu islands--Japan's southernmost island chain. Taste the citrus flavors of Summer in Japan and stay refreshed!

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