Why Are Cats So Popular in Japan?

by Jillian Giandurco

Cats: you either love them or you hate them. But not in Japan; in Japan, cats are a universally beloved part of culture and are believed to bring good fortune with them wherever they go. Why is that? Well, the lore surrounding cats in Japan goes back centuries, so if you want to find out how Japan’s obsession with cats began, keep reading on.

You might not have known about the popularity of cats in Japan, but you’ve definitely seen the lucky cat figurine of a feline raising its paw in the air. Sound familiar? This Japanese figurine is called the maneki-neko, which means “beckoning cat” in Japanese, and though its exact origins are unknown, the earliest recordings of the maneki-neko can be found an entry in the Bukō nenpyō, a chronology of Edo (the former name for Tokyo), from 1852. Legend has it that the maneki-neko was inspired by a feudal lord’s encounter with a cat. The lord was standing under a tree when he noticed a cat waving to him. Intrigued, he approached the curious cat and right as he walked away from the tree, a lightning bolt struck where he had been standing. And thus, the maneki-neko was born, and so was Japan’s obsession with cats.

Cats have a lot of importance in Japanese media as well. In 1906, for instance, author Natsume Soseki published a book called I Am a Cat, which told from the perspective of a witty household cat as the narrator, and the novel went on to inspire other authors to write stories centered around cat main characters.

Fast forward nearly seventy years to 1974, when the beloved fictional character Hello Kitty was created by Sanrio. Hello Kitty spawned from the ever-growing popularity of the kawaii aesthetic, and after the adorable cartoon made its debut, both kawaii and cats in general reached a level of notoriety that ended up changing the fabric of Japanese culture forever.

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By Jillian Giandurco

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