What is Kabosu, and Why Is It Delicious?

by Krystina Quintana

Sure, you’ve had the delicious flavors of yuzu in drinks and recipes. But, have you tried its cousin kabosu? If you’re a citrus lover, you’ll enjoy this fruit. It combines the flavors of some of the tastiest citrus fruits into one tangy fruit.

One look at this fruit in the store, and you’ll recognize it as part of the citrus family right away. It has a rind that looks similar to limes, yet it’s much larger and almost wrinkly on the exterior. Ready to learn more about this unique fruit? Let’s get into it!

What is Kabosu?

As noted, kabosu is a Japanese fruit that many people use as a marinade for meat or drink as a juice. This fruit is quite rare in Japan, as it only grows in one area. These fruits grow in the Oita Prefecture. In this area, it's common to see many eating this type of fruit. However, the rest of Japan considers them a more rare or exotic fruit.

Kabosu History

There is a constant debate on how this citrus fruit came to be. Some believe it was created from multiple citrus fruits by hand. Some believe that Kabosu naturally occurred during accidental cross pollution between yuzu and bitter oranges. Whatever the case, it originates in China.

It is said that this citrus fruit was brought to Japan in the Edo Period. Legend notes that a Japanese doctor took this fruit from its original owner – a monk. Then, he planted the fruit in Oita Prefecture. Kabosu continues to be a popular fruit here, with 90% of this particular citrus grown in Oita. This citrus fruit has been cultivated in Oita for 300 years!

What Does Kabosu Taste Like?

This Japanese citrus fruit is a fun combination of lime, lemon, and yuzu. It's sour, tangy, and offers a unique flavor not typically found in only one citrus fruit. The skin of this fruit is edible and provides a delicious sour citrus flavor.

Like most citrus, this fruit has an acidic flavor and slight sweetness. As for why this fruit is delicious, it's a versatile ingredient that many enjoy because of its unique taste.  


What Can You Make With Kabosu?

While you can typically use this tasty citrus in place of lime, lemon, and yuzu in recipes, you’ll likely find this fruit in cocktails. Alcohol and citrus always seem to pair together well. So it’s easy to see why multiple alcoholic beverages feature this fruit.

Another way to use kabosu is to brighten up salads. You can include it in your dressing for a pop of flavor. Or, add some juice from the fruit to soy sauce for a unique ponzu sauce. The options are endless with kabosu!

Where Can You Find This Japanese Fruit?

If you live nearby a Japanese grocery store, you may luck out and find this Japanese fruit in the produce section. You can purchase them online for those who do not have access to an Asian market.

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By Krystina Quintana

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