Unique Gifts Inspired By Japanese Minimalism

by Danny Taing

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, minimalism is defined as “a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.” Specifically, minimalist design aims to highlight the beauty and calmness of simplicity. It does not feature flashy, over the top colors and patterns. Instead, it highlights more plain, neutral colors and toned down decorations. At Bokksu, we appreciate that classic and streamlined look. However, do not get us wrong. We do also love vibrant and unconventional things, especially in our snacks. Take our wide range of unique Kit Kat flavors (think passion fruit and peach parfait!) as an example! If those flavors catch your attention, check out what other cool Kit Kat flavors are out there; Kit Kats are a phenomenon in Japan!

Here, though, we are going to be focusing on those whose preference veer towards a more simple and functional look. We have put together a list of gifts for people who like minimalist design. Firstly, we have a few offerings right here on our marketplace!

Japanese chop stocks, the perfect Japanese gift to give someone.

The Bokksu Chopsticks are a sleek pair of dishwasher-safe and reusable chopsticks. They feature a plain, natural wood design with the Bokksu logo in white. They are a classic piece that would fit in with any décor. The Color Changing Yunomi Teacup: Ninja Design is another fun marketplace piece with a surprise! In its normal state, the mug appears to be a plain white with a simple black printed design of a ninja. However, when you boil water for tea and pour it in, the ninja transforms into a frog with a puff of steam! Moreover, the design has an element of functionality to it because you will know when your tea has cooled down and is safe to drink when the frog has transformed back into a ninja!

A tea set, perfect for any tea lover as a gift.

Tea is basically Bokksu’s middle name, so no list of ours would be complete without mention of tea. While we firmly believe that tea is good in all situations and in all forms, one thing that makes Japanese tea particularly special is the culture surrounding the drink; tea ceremonies are an integral part of the experience of drinking tea. The art and practice of the tea ceremony are revered in Japan and show that the tea-making method is as important as the taste and enjoyment of it. So, we are adding some tea ware to this list, as it is an exciting and meaningful gift for any tea lover! Etsy sells some beautiful handmade tea sets, including this elegant white ceramic and bamboo wood teacup and teapot combination. Umi Tea has a wide collection of amazing Japanese tea accessories, pots, and cups that help complete their assortment of tea gear. Check out their Mition Boccaro Tea Cup. This porcelain teacup is simple but still distinctive, with a ridged design along the sides. A set of these cups will fit into any minimalist kitchen! Umi Tea’s Black Coarse Teapot would be another great addition to a minimalist’s collection. It has an interesting shape, including a long, straight handle for easy and comfortable pouring. The teapot is finished in a classy black color that does not overwhelm. And before we move on, no tea gift is complete without tea itself! So head on over to Bokksu’s tea collection in our marketplace to find the perfect accompaniment to the new tea ware! We have something for everyone; green tea, black tea, herbal blends, and cold brew teas – we have you covered.

Now your guide to finding gifts for the minimalists in your life is complete! We provided a few ways to feed their love of sleek, toned down, and simple design while still providing a gift they will love and forever thank you for. These unique Japanese gifts are perfect for any occasion. Go forth and shop on!

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