Bokksu Recommends the Best Demon Slayer Snacks

by Melanie Totenberg

Calling all Demon Slayer fans! Combine your love of snacks with your love of anime. Ever wondered which of your favorite snacks would represent the cast of colorful characters in Demon Slayer? If you have, compare your Demon Slayer character snack pairings with ours. 

Koikeya Minit Stick Potato Japanese Snack

Nezuko Kamado

First up for Demon Slayer, Nezuko Kamado who has a stubborn, strong, and bold personality. She used to be demure and kind when she was a human. Her bold and headstrong nature make her a great match with Koikeya Minit's Stick Potato: Suppa Mucho Plum. These sour plum flavored potato sticks are small but they sure do pack a powerful flavor punch just like Nezuko. Even based purely on packaging, this snack fits the bill. Nezuko’s light pink kimono with a red and white checkered obi (kimono belt) matches the pink, red, white, and light pink potato stick packaging.  

Kakigori Shaved Ice Gummies

Tanjiro Kamado

Next up is Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado. He is known for being kind, compassionate, determined, but with a hidden rage simmering beneath. His personality matches very well with the Kakigori Shaved Ice Gummy. Tanjiro is sweet like kakigori, Japanese shaved ice. But, he also has a hidden sharp brittleness to him like the shaved ice crystals that make up a mound of kakigori. Coincidentally, the green packaging of these gummy snacks are also a great match for the green haonori that Tanjiro is shown wearing. 

Calpico Mochi

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma can be described as fearful and cowardly. That’s why his personality matches up with Calpico Mochi. These soft and chewy mochi balls are filled with marshmallow and jelly flavored after Calpico, a popular tangy and milky Japanese soft drink. The soft and squishy nature of this snack with its slightly sour milky flavor align with Zenitsu’s docile personality. 

Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy

Inosuke Hashibara

The next to be matched with a snack is Demon Slayer Inosuke Hashibara with his short-tempered, brash, and fiery personality. Naturally, Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy fit Inosuke to a tee. Just like Inosuke, these rice crackers have a bold savory flavor and a bit of a spicy kick. Their crunchy texture is a good representation of Insouke’s impetuous nature, which often leads him to challenge anyone he can into battle. 

Yoshino Kuzu Mochi

Kanao Tsuyuri

The next for Demon Slayer, Kanao Tsuyuri, a quiet, mellow, and even-tempered person character. Her passive, almost apathetic nature, makes this Yoshino Kuzu Mochi dessert the perfect pair up. Kuzu mochi is a rice cake made from the kudzu plant, which gives it a slightly bouncy jelly-like texture. The mild sweetness and neutral flavor embodies Kanao’s mellow and quiet personality. The jiggly, slightly chewy,  texture portrays Kanao’s passiveness. Yoshino’s Kuzu Mochi is flavored kuromitsu, brown sugar syrup, and yuzu, which give this subtly flavored dish an extra layer of dimension just like Kanao’s own hidden depths. 

Pickled Young Ginger Fried Rice Cracker

Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer Rengoku or Kyojuro Rengoku is known for being exuberant, loud, and eccentric just like the Pickled Young Ginger Fried Rice Cracker. Just like Kyojuro, these snacks beat to the rhythm of their own dream with a unique and uncommon flavor. Shinshoga or “young ginger” is a condiment that is tangy, sweet, and refreshing. Ginger has a strong, almost spicy, flavor, which aligns with Kyojuro’s boisterous nature. Just like Kyojuro's sunny disposition, the refreshing shinshoga flavor of these rice crackers will brighten your day. 

Pocky Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry

Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho is a Demon Slayer hashira, a high ranking fighter in the Demon Slayer Corps.  Shinobu, demon slayer and demon, wears a cheerful and calm mask with a hidden rage that simmers beneath. Pocky: Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry is the perfect representation of this nature. This Pocky flavor has a sweet strawberry flavored chocolate that symbolizes Shinobu's sweetness. The more bitter dark chocolate biscuit and chunky dehydrated strawberry bits express the coarseness beneath Shinobu’s mask. 

We’ve built our Demon Slayer themed snacks. What does yours look like? Try these snacks and see if we made the right selections. Then, if you really want to fuel your love of Demon Slayer and pick up some delicious Demon Slayer merchandise, we’ve got gummies, cookies, and more. Explore so much more snacks with your favorite anime themed at the best Japanese snacks boutique in town - Bokksu Boutique.

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