Tips to Celebrate a Team Member from Afar

by Courtney Thompson

With so many companies leaving their physical offices and implementing new work-from-home procedures recently, it can be difficult to keep your team engaged and to make your employees feel appreciated. Luckily there are plenty of great ways to celebrate your employees virtually! From fun activities and social events to thoughtful gifts and simple shout-outs, there are many ways to show your employees gratitude from afar!

Corporate Snack Delivery

Back at the office, you may have enjoyed bringing in food for your employees now and then to show your appreciation and brighten up their workday. Just because there’s no longer a break room to gather in and enjoy these treats, doesn’t mean that you can’t still celebrate your employees this way! Consider sending your employees an assortment of snacks to enjoy at home. If you’re looking for unique employee appreciation gifts, the Classic Bokksu Box is a great option! It’s easy to order and have sent out to your employees, and it offers an array of different Japanese snacks that they can sample throughout their work day.

Kagoshima Satsumarche Tea Box

Gift Basket

Similar to snack delivery, business gift baskets can be a great way to show your appreciation for your employees while working from home. Some things to include would be anything that can make their work life at home better, so things for their home office or things that they can incorporate into their daily routine are great ideas! Gifts like candles or flowers could brighten up their home office, and more practical gifts like coffee or tea could offer them a better start to their day! You really can’t go wrong with a gift basket for employees, and you can even look into corporate gifting companies that have already curated wonderful gifts. If you’re looking for more unique gifts for your employees, Bokksu carries tea assortments that offer different black and green Japanese teas. This could be a great addition to a gift basket for your employees!

Experience flavors of Japan right from home

Virtual Social Events

Sometimes the best way to celebrate your employees is through after-work events and outings. Working from home can be difficult on your employees because it cuts out a lot of the social aspects of their work life. One great way to make up for this is by hosting these social events for your employees virtually! Consider having a virtual happy hour or virtual game night. These could be fun social events to keep your team feeling connected, and it shows them that you care.

Employee Shout-Outs

An easy way to incorporate employee appreciation into the average workday is by featuring shout-outs during meetings. Whether you choose to do this daily or weekly, keep track of a few things that your employees have been doing a great job of, and then make a point to recognize those things and celebrate them! These can be things that the team as a whole has done well, or they can be specific to one person. Taking the time to do this shows your employees that you notice their achievements and that you appreciate all their hard work! Cheer them even more with a gift box of assorted baked goods!

Time Off

The easiest way to show your appreciation for your employees is simply by rewarding them with some extra time off! Whether it be an additional day off one week or a shorter work day one Friday, if your team has been working hard, this is a great way to acknowledge that hard work and offer them some extra time to relax (preferably with a cup of matcha).

Although the workday looks very different now for a lot of people, there are plenty of ways to engage your employees and show your appreciation from afar! Celebrating your employees can be as easy as giving them some extra time off or making a point of recognizing their work, or you can take things a step further and send them presents or host events. Every team is different, so take that into account, and keep morale high by showing your appreciation!

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