These Japanese Snacks Elevate The Traditional Client Gift Basket

by Fiona Cheung

As the world has moved from working and meeting in person to social distancing and working from home, it’s important to make an impression on your clients by keeping them top of mind. Showing client appreciation isn’t something that should be reserved for the year end holiday season, but rather something you do continuously and throughout the year to show your clients that you appreciate their business and care enough to spend your money on them. Showing client appreciation with a nice gift like a gift basket or a gift box helps with customer retention and keeps your company top of mind for the client. Often corporate gift ideas can be stuffy, so here are some fun and unique additions to help spruce up a boring gift basket to make it the best gift basket for your clients:


  1. Honma Gift Box: Tsukisamu Anpan Sampler:
    Sweets are a staple in a classic client gift basket. However, you can make yours stand out with the addition of the Tsukisamu Anpan Sampler. Anpan is a popular Japanese sweet roll traditionally filled with anko (red bean paste), but can also be filled with shiro-an (white bean). This sampler set comes with an assortment of traditional anpan includes 5 equally delicious flavors, all handmade in Hokkaido. The flavors included are classic azuki red bean anpan, matcha green tea anpan, Okinawan brown sugara npan, black sesame anpan, and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) anpan.

2.   Daimonji Ame Honpo Handmade Candy Gift Box:
When you want to go sweet, you can never go wrong with candy. Make your client gift baskets extra fun and extra sweet with candy handmade in Kyoto by Daimonji Ame Honpo. Daimonji Ame Honpo is a 100-year old candymaker, who have been creating Kyoto’s best candies with their traditional methods that have been passed down for over a century. This candy gift box comes with 12 bags of candy in 6 flavors, two bags of each flavor. The flavors include Sakura (cherry blossom), Ramune, Kaki (persimmon), Yuzu Sake, Mikan (Mandarin Orange), and a Kyokuzen Candy Mix.

  1. Kagoshima Seicha Gift Box: Satsumarche Tea Bag

    Kagoshima Seicha is a premium Japanese tea-maker founded in 1881. They work with local farmers to product the highest-quality Japanese tea, so you know your clients will love these teas. This beautiful and colorful tea gift box can be added to a classic client gift basket, or you can even send this beautiful gift box as a standalone gift. This vibrant gift box comes with 49 tea bags in 7 different flavors of high-quality tea. Flavors include the Sakurajima Komikan Tea,Kagoshima Benifuuki Black Tea, Kagoshima Chiran Tea, Fukamushi Tea, Yuzu Ryokucha Green Tea, and Green Tea with Matcha.

  2. Hatsuho Seika Gift Box: Petit Rice Crackers:

    Not everyone likes sweets and that’s okay. The Bokksu marketplace offers a variety of other Japanese snacks that would be a great addition to your client gift basket. The Hatsuho Seika Rice Cracker Gift Box is another great option to take apart and include in your gift baskets, or to send as a standalone gift. This beautiful and artistically packaged set comes in a wooden gift box illustrated with traditional Kabuki style makeup known as kumadori. The gift box comes with 6 types of flavored arare rice crackers and 1 flavor of soramame (broad beans). The rice cracker flavors include Ume(Sour Plum), Ayu (Japanese Sweetfish), Maple, Konoha (foliage-shaped), Matsutake Mushroom, Sakura Cherry Blossom, and Black Pepper Soramame.


5.   Classic Bokksu: Seasons of Japan:
If you want to be thoughtful with your client gift basket, but curating your own too much, then let Bokksu do it for you! Your clients will truly feel appreciated with this unique and delicious gift box. The Classic Bokksu Box: Seasons of Japan is specially curated by snack experts to bring together the taste of all 4 seasons of Japan into one box. This box comes with 22 authentic Japanese snacks, tea pairings, and a Culture Guide magazine that includes detailed introductions of every item in the box.

Even better, you can even place a bulk order for multiple clients through Bokksu’s corporate gift program (min. order of 10 boxes). Depending on your needs, you can add customized messages or even customize the branding of the box itself.

As the current situation keeps us all further apart from one another, make sure your clients are keeping you top of mind. Remain in consistent communication, and send client gift baskets to show your appreciation. During a time filled with lots of changes, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

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