The Best Gift for Housewarming Party

by Courtney Thompson

When you think of housewarming presents, food might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Most people bring presents like plants, kitchenware and other standard household items. These things don’t make the most exciting gifts, and since everyone thinks of these ideas, people sometimes end up getting multiples of items they don’t really want or need. If you want to bring a better gift to your next housewarming party, consider a Japanese snack box or another unique item from Bokksu!

Cool housewarming gift box - A premium Japanese Bokksu snack box

The best gift for housewarming party - A premium Japanese Bokksu snack box

When people first move into a new house, they may not have much food in their pantry, and what they do have will mostly be basics and cooking ingredients. Brighten up their snacking situation with the Classic Bokksu box! A box of premium Japanese snacks is a great housewarming gift idea to help someone celebrate their new home. The Classic Bokksu box contains 22-24 curated Japanese snacks, candies, and a tea pairing. It includes a variety of savory and sweet options, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. It can even be a fun present for your recipient to share with their guests at the housewarming party too! (Although we wouldn’t blame them if they want to save these delicious snacks for themselves!) Classic Bokksu comes in a beautifully packaged box, so all you have to do is place your order and then bring it with you to the party. Unique gift boxes like the Classic Bokksu box make the perfect housewarming gift box because they are high-quality and unique, but you don’t have to put much effort in at all. If you want to send someone a housewarming present but can’t be there in person, Classic Bokksu is a great option because you can simply have it delivered straight to their door! That's why a Bokksu box is also the best option to deliver to employees

Classic housewarming gift - Japanese bundle tea set

Classic Japanese gift for a housewarming party

If you want a somewhat more traditional gift that is still unique, consider some other Bokksu products like our Japanese tea bundle. If your friend likes enjoys tea and appreciates authentic Japanese products, this bundle is a perfect present for them! With all the stress of moving, tea is a great way for them to relax and enjoy their new house. You can pair this gift with a set of mugs for a fun and practical present that will kick off their mug collection!

Traditional housewarming gift -  Japanese bento box

Great Japanese housewarming gift idea - A bento box

Another great Japanese housewarming gift idea is a bento box. This Japanese gift is a great addition to their storage collection, and it is much more unique than standard Tupperware. Bento boxes are wonderful presents because you can store food in them, meal prep with them, and use them to pack lunches. They are extremely versatile, not to mention cute! Bokksu offers bento boxes with adorable designs from Moomin, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro.

All of these Japanese gifts are great options to bring to a housewarming party. They are much more exciting than the traditional gifts that people tend to give, and they are also more thoughtful. You can also be sure that your gift won’t be something that they’ve already received multiples of and that they will actually use it. If you want to gift your friends something they will love, consider one of these options for your next housewarming party!

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