Team Bokksu's Favorite Snacks of 2019

by Jillian Giandurco

2020: A year spent at home, snacking away to cope with boredom, stress, sadness, and even happiness. Luckily for the Bokksu staff, being at home gave us the opportunity to reconnect with our products. If you’re looking for a little snack inspiration (snack-spiration, if you will), for your Work From Home set up, look no further: here are Team’s Bokksu’s favorite snacks of 2020!

Yokohama Sesame Oil Okaki Rice Crackers

First up, we have Yokohama Sesame Oil Okaki Rice Crackers. Believe us when we say, these take rice crackers to a whole new level. These flavorful finger foods are coated with a soy sauce singularly brewed for Minoya Arare, and sesame oil from Iwai no Goma Abura’s specialty recipe. With just the perfect amount of heat, the touch of spice does not overstay its welcome. In fact, it sneaks out the back door before you even had a chance to say goodbye! A little rude, no?

Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi

Next on the list are Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi. Peach, marshmallow, mochi...what else could you need in a snack? With every bite, you’re bound to be overcome by the Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice real peach puree flavor. This tasty treat packs on the sweet, with a double dosage of peach flavor in both the jelly and the mochi. Customers and staff agree: you can’t beat the gummy, tasty, pillowy goodness of peach mochi!

Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs

Another 2020 favorite were Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs. Let your taste buds wander the streets of Japan with takoyaki! Takoyaki is a classic Japanese street food that consists of small, pan-fried balls with a tako (octopus) center. These corn puffs have mastered the marriage between sweet and savory, making it the perfect snack for any mood, craving, or time of day!

Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy

It wouldn’t be a “best Japanese snacks” list without Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy! Kabukiage, named after the Japanese dance-drama known as kabuki, are crunchy, fried rice crackers coated in soy sauce and red pepper. Just like kabuki, the Uma Kara spice leaves you feeling invigorated, energized, and eager for more! To put it simply, these rice crackers are the perfect treat for the spicy, savory lovers of the world. If that sounds like you, it’s time to up your snack game for good!

Mikan Mochi

Let’s not forget about Mikan Mochi! Here at Bokksu, we believe that you can never have too much mochi. And there aren’t many other kinds of mochi that will satisfy your sweet tooth the way Mikan does. Mikan is naturally one of the sweetest citrus fruits available, so to create a balance, a touch of iyokan is also included in the mochi mixture. Customers have called it fresh, fruity, and tender. Exactly how mochi should be!

Kaju Gummies: Peach

Did someone say, “more peach?” Coming right up! Another can’t-miss candy to add to your list are Kaju Gummies: Peach. Made with natural peach juice, Kaju Gummies are sure to keep you on your toes with their sweet but tart flavor palette. Inspired by the extraordinary sweetness and unmatched flavor of white peaches, these peach-shaped goodies will leave your taste buds wanting more every single time.

Handmade Sakura Candies

Our next selection is a very precious kind of Japanese snack: Handmade Sakura Candies. In Japan, sakura symbolizes ephemerality and fleeting life. The greatest representation of this are the vanishing cherry blossoms at the end of the season, and how their absence makes their presence that much more significant. By making these candies in the image of a cherry blossom, it’s impossible not to savor every little bite before they’re gone for good. Even more impressively, each candy contains real, preserved sakura bits that have been dried in salt, as the sakura preservation process calls for. Not to mention, we think these candies are extra special because they are made exclusively for Bokksu!

Mike Popcorn: Butter Soy Sauce Flavor

And last but not least, we have Mike Popcorn: Butter Soy Sauce Flavor. This special recommendation comes directly from our Vice President of Creative and Brand, also named Mike (seems suspicious, doesn’t it?). Mike Popcorn was Japan’s first domestic popcorn brand, and in 1957, it could only be found at amusement parks. In today’s world, however, it has become a national favorite, and it’s not hard to imagine why! Made with soy sauce and butter from Japan’s premier diary region, there’s no better popcorn for your sports viewings, movie nights, or anything in between!

Whether you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth, or you’re more of a savory savant, Bokksu has all the best Japanese snacks on the market to satisfy your needs. Of course, it is important to remember that this is just a small selection of our crop. So if your favorite didn’t make the list, don’t fret--there’s always next year!

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