Team Bokksu’s Favorite Snacks of 2020

by Jillian Giandurco

Bokksu featured a lot of incredible Japanese snacks in 2020, and we would like to take a moment to highlight some of our personal favorites! These selections come directly from members of the Bokksu team, so there is something to please every palate. Here is our list of team Bokksu’s favorite snacks of the year!

Yokohama sesame oil crackers

Yokohama Sesame Oil Okaki Rice Crackers

First on the list are Yokohama Sesame Oil Okaki Rice Crackers! These delicious rice crackers are a team Bokksu favorite because of their wonderful savory and spicy flavor. They are coated in specialty soy sauce and sesame oil, and have a touch of chili, which gives them just enough heat! The combination of these flavors and their crunchy texture makes these one of the best Japanese snacks of 2020!

Fujiya nectar peach mochi

Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi

These Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi’s are another great snack of 2020! These mochi are soft and chewy, and they contain a peach jelly filling wrapped in marshmallow. The tanginess of the peach combined with the sweetness of the marshmallow and mochi makes these a sweet and decadent snack. These mochi use natural fruit juice to capture the fresh and fruity flavors of a real peach, and it is clear to see why they are a favorite!

Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs

Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs

Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs are inspired by the classic Japanese street food, takoyaki, also known as octopus balls. Traditional takoyaki requires a specialty pan to cook, so it is not a dish that you can easily make at home. Luckily, these corn puffs have you covered! These snacks are light and crunchy, but pack a lot of flavor! Despite being small, these corn puffs contain all the sweet and savory flavors of real takoyaki. Team Bokksu loves the ability to enjoy your favorite foods in snack-form, and Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs certainly deliver, making them one of our favorites from 2020!

Kabukiage Spicy Rice Crackers

Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy

These rice crackers are named after kabuki, the traditional Japanese dance-drama. The name is fitting because this Japanese snack has a bold and dramatic taste! With a deep savory flavor and a mild spiciness to them, team Bokksu couldn’t get enough of these rice crackers in 2020! They are coated in soy sauce and red pepper, and these crackers are perfectly crispy and bite sized, making them an amazing snack.

You deserve authentic Japanese treats

Mike Soy sauce butter Popcorn

Mike Popcorn: Butter Soy Sauce Flavor

This pick comes from Bokksu’s VP of Creative and Brand, Mike! Unfortunately this popcorn wasn’t named after him, but this is one of his favorite snacks nonetheless! Mike Popcorn was Japan’s first domestic popcorn brand, initially being sold at amusement parks, and it has since become a favorite all across Japan. This popcorn features the classic Japanese flavor combination of butter and soy sauce, using Hokkaido butter which is some of the best butter in Japan. The sweetness of the butter and the salty, savory flavor of the soy sauce is a perfect pairing, and this popcorn is truly addictive!

Mikan Mochi

Mikan Mochi

Another one of our favorite Japanese snacks from 2020 are these delicious Mikan Mochi! This snack comes from the Ehime Prefecture which is famous for the mikan fruit, which is a Japanese citrus fruit that resembles an orange and is known for being very sweet. These mochi are made with real mikan juice and peel, and they have a great sweet citrus flavor! They also include some iyokan, which is another Japanese citrus fruit that is more bitter, to balance out the sweetness of the mikan. The packaging for these mochi is also worth mentioning, because it features the mascot Mikyan, an adorable mikan-themed bear!

kaju gummy: peach

Kaju Gummy: Peach

These peach Kaju Gummies are another one of the best Japanese snacks of 2020! These gummies are brightly colored and shaped like peaches, making them even more fun to eat. White peaches are known for their sweetness, and real juice is used in these gummies, making them taste just like peaches! These gummies are perfectly tart, sweet, and juicy!

Handmade Sakura Candies

Last but certainly not least, we had to include our exclusive Handmade Sakura Candies on this list! These little hard candies are delicate and beautiful, with specks of bright pink from the bits of preserved sakura, or cherry blossoms, that are inside. These candies are quite special to experience as they dissolve in your mouth and leave behind a refreshing and light taste. With the sweet and floral flavors of sakura, these candies are unique and refined, and they are one of team Bokksu’s favorites of 2020!

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