Connect With Your Team When WFH

by Jillian Giandurco

This past year, it’s been nearly impossible for companies to effectively execute team bonding experiences and build a sense of community for their employees while they work from home. Not working in a shared space has certainly created a vast distance between co-workers, especially employees and managers, so it is important to start rebuilding this bond before you all find yourselves back in the office. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful list of ways you can show your employees some appreciation remotely!

●  Make yourself available for meetings: This is a time of great strife and stress. Now more than ever, the line of communication between you and your employees should be accessible and judgement-free. The more supported your staff feels, the better the environment and the productivity.
●  Celebrate birthdays: An easy way to make anyone feel special is to recognize their birthday. Birthdays are probably the only thing people have to look forward to this year, so remember to make it memorable with a Zoom celebration and a lunch provided by the company.
●  Shout out successes: If a pitch meeting went well, say that. If you’re proud of the work your team has been producing, tell them. Words of affirmation are vital to creating an encouraging work space, whether working from home or not. Shouting out even the smallest of triumphs is a surefire way to keep both morale and confidence up.
●  Seek out help from wellness professionals: Hosting a seminar with a mental, spiritual, or physical therapist may provide your staff with the support or solace they’ve been seeking for months. By supplying them with the resources they need, you are demonstrating that you value them as people first and employees second.
●  Honor people’s time, whether by extending a project due date, approving more time off, or sending your employees “home” early for the weekend. This will leave your employees feeling like their needs are being respected, even outside of work, and will inevitably create a greater sense of loyalty, trust, and unity amongst the office  A corporate gift is always a hit: if you’re looking to take your remote employee appreciation to the next level with some business gift baskets, the Classic Bokksu Box is just what you need. Our Classic Box contains an assortment of 20-24 authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and a tea pairing, as well as an in-depth product guide detailing the origins of each snack. This makes the Classic Bokksu Box the most unique employee appreciation gift on the market because the wide variety of snack options are guaranteed to leave everyone feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and appreciated! Or, if you want to take a more hands off approach, you can always award your staff with a Bokksu gift card instead.
Over the past year we’ve had to make hundreds of unforeseen adjustments to our everyday lives, and working from home is no exception. It can be really challenging at times, which is why it is vital that bosses and managers strive to make the best of a bad situation, and never overlook the importance of employee appreciation. Whether your appreciation is in the form of words, actions, or corporate snack delivery, all expressions of gratitude are sure to be seen as valuable.

Author Bio

Jillian Giandurco works primarily as a Trending News Writer for Elite Daily, where she writes about all things Food, Travel, and Tech related. Brands she has covered in the past include Kit Kat, Hershey’s, Expedia, and many more.