Pokémon Cafe Tokyo

by Jillian Giandurco

Eevee, I choose you! Sorry, I mean -- Eevee’s Sweet Chocolate Parfait, I choose you! There’s only one place where you can order a meal like this: The Pokémon Cafe Tokyo!

In March 2018, the ultimate Pokémon experience found a permanent home in Tokyo when the Pokémon Center DX Tokyo was opened, along with the Pokémon Cafe. The Pokémon Center DX is filled with stores, stuffed animals, and even a giant Snorlax! All the items available for purchase are exclusively sold at this Takashimaya location, so you’d better stock up while you have the chance. And let’s not forget about the huge touch screen Pokedex for all the aspiring trainers out there to learn more about their favorite Pokémon.

But the most charming component to the Pokémon Center DX would have to be the Pokémon Cafe. The Pokémon Cafe Japan is the first ever cafe to be officially affiliated with Pokémon with only two locations in the country--one in Tokyo and one in Osaka. Each menu item is expertly crafted to cater to the Pokémon fan in you, whether it be through likeness of a character, or simply the irresistible sweetness of your dessert!

So what should you order at the Pokémon Cafe? Luckily there are plenty of Pokémon-inspired meals to choose from, so no matter what, you can’t go wrong!

Start your meal off with a Pokémon latte (hot or iced) of your choice. Thanks to the illustrated Pokémon book provided, you can flip through and choose which of the 419 Pokémon you would like to be replicated in your latte art! Sure, the latte won’t last forever, but the memory will last a lifetime, and so will the take-home mug or glass of your choosing. As far as the meals go, the current Pokémon Cafe Tokyo menu has two Have-It-All dishes to choose from, with portions of everything from salad to beef, as well as the Snorlax Tummy Filling Nap Lunch Plate. This selection contains a hearty helping of chicken and rice in a sleeping Snorlax-shaped bowl. But don’t eat too fast, or else you’ll wake him! Or, if you enjoy the element of surprise, there’s always a rotating specials menu from which you can choose from as well.

Make sure to save room for dessert, because you don’t want to miss out on these specialty sweet treats. First up, we have the aforementioned Eevee Sweet Chocolate Parfait, with a tasty blend of sweet and sour berries and coffee jelly. If you’re looking for something a little less chocolatey and a little more fluffy, try the Pokémon Cafe Fruit Pancakes, featuring an adorable Pikachu design on the pancakes. And finally, if you want to have the full Pokémon trainer experience, the Poke Ball Dessert Bowl is just for you! The only way to know what’s inside (and what Pokémon you’ll get) is to order it for yourself, but the ingredients list says it contains cheesecake, kiwi, and almond dough. Hmm....

Lastly, make sure to check out the Pikachu Sweets on your way out of the Pokémon Cafe Tokyo. The Pokémon Cafe menu has a wide variety of Pikachu-exclusive desserts, from parfaits, to cakes, to macaroons. No matter what your age, there’s a snack for everyone to enjoy!

Whether you love Pokémon, or you just want to immerse yourself further into Japanese culture, the Pokémon Cafe Tokyo is the perfect tourist attraction for those whose imagination is as big as their stomach!

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