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Kirby Fans Will Love These Gifts!

Kirby Fans Will Love These Gifts!

Kirby fans, get excited! Bokksu has two new Kirby-themed gifts that you absolutely need in your collection. Plus, we have a number of sweet Japanese snacks that are sure to remind you of your favorite Nintendo character (sorry, Mario). Keep reading on for more information about our new Kirby items and Kirby-inspired snacks.

Mini Kirby Plush

Have you ever looked at Kirby and wished you could give him a big squeeze? Now, you can! The Mini Kirby Plush is everything you could want in a plush and more – it’s small, it’s super soft, and it’s adorable! And if that weren’t exciting enough, the chain detail on the top of Kirby’s head makes it easy to attach your plush to your backpack, your car, your belt loop, or anywhere else you might want to hang your little buddy. Take him with you on your next adventure, or cuddle in bed with him after you return – the choice is up to you!
Mini Kirby Plush

Terry Cloth Skincare Headband - Kirby

Washing your face at night can be such a drag, but now, it doesn’t have to be! The Terry Cloth Skincare Headband - Kirby adds an extra element of fun to your skincare routine, and let’s face it, our skincare routines are usually anything but. It’s the perfect little tool for keeping your hair out of your face, and the best part is, it comes in two other styles, too! Rotate between the Kirby, Mochi Shiba: Okaka, and Mochi Shiba: Sakura styles and mix up your boring skincare routine for good.
Terry Cloth Skincare Headband

Handmade Sakura Candy

You can’t enjoy your new Kirby products without a few Kirby-inspired snacks to go with them! First up, we have the Handmade Sakura Candies made exclusively for Bokksu by Daimonji Ame Honpo. These beautiful candies are handmade in the image of cherry blossoms, but you can pretend they’re made to look like Kirby, too. Each piece of this delicious Japanese candy contains real, preserved sakura bits that have been dried in salt, just as the sakura preservation process calls for. These handmade candies are so small that you’ll basically inhale them just like Kirby, but that’s not such a bad thing when you think of it as a superpower.
Handmade Sakura Candy

Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi

If there are any Japanese sweets that look the most like Kirby, it’s definitely the Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi from Nihonbashi Kabou. This mochi is filled with the delectable flavor (and color) of Fujiya’s Nectar Peach Juice, as well as a piece of peach jelly wrapped with a thin layer of marshmallow. But that’s not all, because the whole thing is then wrapped in a peach-flavored mochi and chewy rice cake to finish it off. Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice is known for using real peach puree to emulate the flavor of real peaches, so you can guarantee this mochi will make for a good treat in between your next Kirby All Stars battle.
Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi

Pocky: Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry

 Lastly, is it really a list of Japanese snacks if it doesn’t include Pocky? The Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Pocky flavor tastes just as delicious as Kirby looks – someone had to say it! The cocoa biscuit stick contains a slightly bitter taste to complement the sweet yet tart chocolate coating. The coating gets its strawberry flavor from a real strawberry powder and the freeze-dried strawberry crumbles that are added later on. Kirby is known to eat pretty much anything, but trust us, if he had a favorite snack, this would be at the top of the list.

Pocky: Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry
Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another Kirby lover in your life, you’re not going to want to miss out on these amazing gift ideas. To check out more of our Japanese sweets, click here. Or, if you’re looking to sign up for our Japanese snack subscription box, click here.

By Jillian Giandurco

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