6 Summer Songs to Snack to

by Bokksu Team

Summer is time for vacations, trips to the beach and, of course, music festivals. While some of the biggest music festivals happen in the United States, Japan also has its fair share of world renown, well-attended music festivals. From the famous Fuji Rock Festival held at Naeba Ski Resort in the Niigata Prefecture to Summer Sonic in Osaka and Chiba, enthusiastic music fans from Japan, and those from around the world, show up in droves to enjoy their summer outdoors to hear amazing music from their favorite artists. Bokksu has decided to get in on the music festival craze and curate a snack and music “snacklist” of sorts. Featuring our favorite summer savory (and sweet) snacks and addictive summer jams, we’ve got your summer snack playlist covered for you.

Setouchi Lemon Mochi Puffs + Men I Trust - Norton Commander (All We Need)

From the light and fluffy, wah wah sound of the guitar, to the bouncing bass, “Norton Commander” is the perfect complement to this tune. This delicate mochi puff melts quickly and easily much like the track’s effervescent layers. You’ll have to eat more than just one to appreciate it’s intricate taste.

Seaweed Tempura: Setouchi Sudachi Flavor + Dua Lipa - IDGAF

These addictive seaweed sheets are battered, fried, and flavored in such a way that it creates a crispy and tangy snack. A little bit sour, a little bit sweet, but oh-so-sassy, “IDGAF”, is a track that is appropriate for any time of the year and pairs well with this delicious snack in a way that’s not always easy to categorize. We know just one thing, like the repeated listenings of “IDGAF”, we keep coming back for more.

Lemon Salt Okaki + Never Young Beach - お別れの歌

Like the biting, bouncy guitars on 「お別れの歌 」, the Lemon Salt Okaki rice crackers provide a powerful crunch that complements the sharpness of the lemon juice, making this a perfect snack for a beach picnic or an outing with your friends. It’ll definitely have you and your friends singing a song of farewell as you watch the rice crackers disappear one by one. Beachy vibes + rice crackers = a winning combination.

Shiroebi Yuzu Kosho Senbei + YMO - Absolute Ego Dance

YMO is one of the most influential Japanese bands of all time. Taking electronic music to a new level, YMO served as groundbreakers in the 1980s. The Shiroebi Yuzu Kosho Senbei, while not as groundbreaking as YMO, is pretty darn amazing. On first bite, yuzu dominates the palette, as it fades, the shiroebi, a type of white shrimp, takes the stage before transitioning to a playful sting of chili pepper. Much like the sounds of “Absolute Ego Dance”, the synths pop and percolate, blending together in an elated, well-executed harmony.

Pom Ponjuice Mikan Orange Mochi + Sistar - Loving You

Nothing says summer like a good summer jam and Sistar has made numerous summertime hits. “Loving You” happens to pair perfectly with this delicious, squishy mochi. Inside the soft, marshmallowy layer lies a sweet orange jam. While this song may be from 2012, it hasn’t left our summer playlist since we’ve first heard it. Much like the Mikan Mochi, “Loving You”, is addicting, buoyant and oh so sweet!

Organic Genmaicha Tea + Lady Wray - Piece Of Me

Genmaicha is one of the most flavorful, distinct teas on the market and Bokksu’s Organic Genmaicha is a definite fan favorite. It’s relaxing, rich, and complex much like - Lady Wray’s deep, mellifluous voice. As her vocals ascend and descend with the beat, you get lost in the complexity of the track. It’s like getting lost in the aroma of genmaicha - whisked away from stressors of the modern world.

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