The Best Japanese Summer Snacks to Take on Your Next Summer Road Trip

by Courtney Thompson

Going on a road trip with friends and seeing new places is a great way to kick off the summer. Everyone knows that there is a decent amount of planning that goes into a road trip, and some of the most important things to pack are snacks! Having some delicious snacks on hand can make or break a road trip—people are in much better spirits when they have good food, after all. The perfect travel snacks are delicious, filling, and sharable, and Bokksu has you covered! Here are the best Japanese snacks to take on your next summer road trip!

Natural Yeast Bread (Coffee):

Driving for long stretches of time usually calls for coffee, so bring some coffee yeast bread on your road trip! This snack is delicious and filling, and wakes you up with the flavor of coffee, making it great for breakfast on the road!

Mini Red Bean Crackers:

This snack is inspired by shiruko, a traditional Japanese sweet red bean porridge. These golden crackers have a thin layer of red bean paste inside, giving them a subtle hint of sweetness. They are perfect for sharing or for passing out individual bags since they’re sold in packs of four! There is nothing like enjoying some good summer snacks from your backpack on a road trip. They taste even better when you share them with your friends and admire the scenery.

OFU Smoked Crackers and Peanuts (Salt + Lemon):

An Asian take on trail mix, which is a summer road trip staple, this is a protein filled snack with delicious lemony and salty crackers and peanuts! These would pair great with a sandwich for a lunchtime snack on the road!

Colorful Komachi Rice Cracker Mix:

Sold in packs of 20, this assortment of rice crackers is a perfect road trip snack! With three delicious flavors including anori (green laver), shrimp, and soy sauce, these Asian snacks are crunchy and savory.

Tomoriko Corn Sticks:

Corn is a classic summer food in both Japan and America, so these corn sticks are a perfect Japanese snack for your summer road trip! Made with real Hokkaido sweet corn, these crispy snacks are sweet, buttery, and delicious. Pass the bag around to share or keep one to yourself!

Puku Puku Tai (Strawberry):

This fun take on traditional taiyaki, which is a Japanese fish-shaped cake, is a great summery treat to take on your next road trip! These cakes have a crisp pink shell with a delicious strawberry mousse filling inside. Pack a few of these in your cooler for a refreshing road trip treat!

Osaka Beni Shoga Ginger Tempura Potato Chips:

Potato chips are a classic road trip snack, and these ginger tempura chips are a great Japanese alternative to plain salted chips! These chips have a unique salty and sour flavor with a bit of kick from the ginger. They’ll definitely make your drive more exciting!

Yasashii Yuzu Gummy:

Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit most closely resembling a lemon, and these yuzu gummies make a great summer road trip snack. They are easy to share and have a refreshing yet delicate fruity flavor!

Red Snapper Crackers:

These adorable fish-shaped crackers are crispy and light with a complex flavor that makes them addicting! They aren’t too salty and have a delicious sweet coating. This is the perfect snack to eat while in the car!

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs (Hokkaido Cheese):

Every road trip calls for a good cheesy snack, and these mochi puffs definitely satisfy that craving! These puffs are light and airy, and they melt in your mouth. They come in packs of six so everyone in the car can have a bag to themselves, which is great because you won’t want to share them!


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