What Do the People Say? Jan '19 Survey Results

by Bokksu Team

We welcomed 2019 with our January Golden New Year Bokksu, filled with snacks inspired by Japanese new year traditions. In January we also kicked off our new monthly survey asking members their thoughts about their Bokksu. We heard back from over 500 Members, with one winner winning 500 Bokksu Points!

The Results!

Members gave a 4.5 (out of 5) rating to the "Golden New Year" theme and a 4.4 for overall curation, with over 55% giving it a 5! Woohoo!!!

Sweet or Savory?

45% of snackers wanted even more sweet snacks. 11% wanted more savory. 44% thought we got the balance just right!

Ranking Snapshot:

16% of snackers chose Seaweed Tempura with Blue Cheese as their favorite snack!

22% of snackers also selected Seaweed Tempura with Blue Cheese as their least favorite snack, making this item the most controversial in this month's curation!

When rating each snack, Bake Cookie Rilakkuma and Golden Financier had the highest individual ratings (4.3 out of 5). However, more people voted for Seaweed Tempura with Blue Cheese as their overall favorite, knocking these two down to second and third place.

But what did our Members *really* think?

I get excited when I hear my Bokksu is coming. Once it arrives, I enjoy trying all the snacks! It's worth every cent and I cannot get these in the UK.”

“I really do love how beautifully packaged and cared for my Bokksu is. The selection is perfect and everything I looked for. Most of these treats can't be found at all in the US and the theming is very traditional and delicate”

“A lovely assortment of goods for a relatively low price. It's a nice little slice of Japan delivered to your door.”

Thank you again to everyone who participated. We want to make your Bokksu experience even better, so keep taking these surveys!

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