Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Best Gifts from Japan for Everyone on Your List

by Aree Anas

The holiday season of 2023 is upon us, and the quest for the best gift ideas and actually shopping for them can often feel overwhelming. But don't worry, Bokksu Boutique has curated a Holiday Gift Guide that caters to every member of your family and all types of friends—truly offering something for everyone on your list. Dive into the world of authentic Japanese gifts and let Bokksu Boutique's 2023 Holiday Collection make your gift shopping a breeze!

1. Bokksu Japan Wonderland Advent Calendar

Bokksu Japan Wonderland Advent Calendar

Best for: Adventurous foodies and those who love daily surprises.

Celebrate the holidays for 24 days with our festive Advent calendar! This is the perfect treat for those who believe that the best way to countdown to the holidays is with a daily dose of deliciousness from Japan. The calendar includes 41 individual snack items (20 unique snack types), 4 collectible holiday items, and a culture guide detailing item descriptions, common allergens, and cultural stories.

Edit: The Bokksu Japan Wonderland Advent Calendar is now sold out, but check out our other amazing gift sets, and make sure to stay tuned for next year's calendar!

2. The Lucky New Year Gift Box

The Lucky New Year Gift Box

Best for: The friend who appreciates traditional Japanese celebrations.

Why not surprise your loved ones with a themed box brimming with auspicious treats and snacks that symbolize luck, prosperity, and happiness in Japanese culture? Inside, they'll discover Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year) treasures like a dragon furoshiki cloth, dainty Mt. Fuji plates, a delightful omikuji fortune, and an assortment of snacks believed to bring smiles and good luck.

3. The Snowy Mt. Fuji Gift Box

The Snowy Mt. Fuji Gift Box 

Best for: Nature lovers and those who dream of a white winter.

For the nature enthusiasts and winter aficionados on your gift list, consider gifting them a meticulously curated Mt. Fuji-themed box. Included are a beautiful Mt. Fuji cup, the finest Shizuoka tea, a charming Mt. Fuji memo pad for jotting down thoughts, and delectable snacks and cookies shaped like the iconic mountain itself.

4. The Year of the Dragon Gift Box

The Year of the Dragon Gift Box 

Best for: Those born in the Year of the Dragon or those who admire the Chinese zodiac.

This box makes a thoughtful and unique gift for those born in the Year of the Dragon or anyone drawn to the mythical creature's symbolism. It's perfect for ringing in 2024 and features dragon-themed treasures, including a luxurious tea canister, an incense set, a dragon cup, and two flavors of mochi, which hold great significance in Japanese New Year celebrations.


5. The Kawaii Gift Box

The Kawaii Gift Box

Best for: The young and young-at-heart who adore all things cute.

Share the joy of cuteness with the Kawaii Gift Box, the best gift for anyone who adores all things adorable. This whimsical gift includes animal donut bears that are almost too cute to devour, a rainbow of colorful candies bursting with sweetness, as well as charming stationery with kawaii food motifs. This gift box not only tantalizes taste buds but also adds a touch of playful charm to your holiday season, making it the perfect present for those who appreciate the cuter things in life.

6. The Happy Hour Gift Box

The Happy Hour Gift Box

Best for: Anyone who enjoys snacking and drinking.

This present boasts an enticing assortment of treats perfect for sipping and munching, accompanied by a unique twist—mystery chips that promise to surprise and delight your recipient with unexpected flavors. Upgrade the happy hour experience with the included stylish beer glass for a fantastic evening, whether you're watching the game or just hanging out with friends.

7. The Kids Goody Bag

The Kids Goody Bag

Best for: Little ones eager to explore new flavors and treats.

Spoil the little ones in your life with the Kids Goody Bag, brimming with exciting treats and playful surprises; it’s the best gift for children eager to explore new flavors and Japanese toys. Featuring a huge and huggable Kumamon plush toy, the adorable mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, as well as entertaining puzzles and playing cards for hours of amusement, this goody bag sparks joy and adventure.

8. White and Black Strawberry Gift Box

White and Black Strawberry Gift Box

Best for: Fruit enthusiasts and those with a sweet tooth.

Impress the fruit enthusiasts and sweets connoisseurs in your life with the Bokksu-exclusive White and Black Strawberry Gift Box. Packaged in a beautiful gifting box, these white chocolate- and chocolate-infused freeze-dried strawberries are ideal for those who savor the sweeter things in life.

If you know they'll prefer one flavor over the other, we also offer separate gift boxes: the White Strawberry Gift Box and the Black Strawberry Gift Box. This way, you can make sure your gift aligns perfectly with the taste of your recipient.


9. Goto Udon Noodle Gift, Udon Cup and Chopsticks Set

Gotou Udon Noodle Gift, Udon Cup and Chopsticks Set

Best for: The friend who likes noodles and dining sets.

Gift the culinary and noodle enthusiasts in your life with this exquisite set that includes udon noodles, two beautifully crafted ceramic cups, and two pairs of high-quality chopsticks. Allow them to embark on a culinary journey and savor the authentic flavors of Goto Udon noodles, a delectable variation hailing from Nagasaki's Goto Islands. This thoughtfully bundled set combines flavorful delights with premium dining utensils, ensuring a complete and memorable dining experience for your loved ones. Plus, with dashi broth included, preparing this meal requires little effort—just cook the noodles and enjoy!

10. Ninja Knife 3-Piece Set

Ninja Knife 3-Piece Set

Best for: The kitchen warrior and those passionate about cooking.

Empower your loved ones in the kitchen with a set of three premium ninja-inspired knives crafted in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which is known as Japan's knife capital. These knives are designed for slicing, dicing, and mastering the art of Japanese cuisine, making them a perfect present for those who appreciate the precision and craftsmanship of expertly crafted blades.

Bonus: Kit Kat Variety Party Box 2023

Kit Kat Variety Party Box 2023

Best for: Anyone and everyone with a taste for delightful surprises.

Discover the joy of 70 delectable Kit Kats in 18 different flavors from Japan with the Variety Party Box 2023. From classic matcha to unique options like hojicha, strawberry cheesecake, and sake, this variety box caters to every palate, making it the perfect gift for those who appreciate the sweet side of adventure.

Discover More From Bokksu Boutique's 2023 Holiday Collection

The essence of the holidays is to spread joy, love, and warmth. And what better way to do that than by gifting your loved ones something unique and memorable? With our Holiday Gift Guide for 2023, you're not just giving the best gift; you're sharing a piece of Japanese culture with them. Each gift is thoughtfully curated, ensuring that the receiver feels special and cherished.

For even more gift ideas, don't miss our full 2023 Holiday Collection, featuring over 30 exclusive products from Japan, making it your ultimate destination to shop for holiday gift-giving needs.

The holiday season is a special occasion meant for joy and celebration, so don't let the rush stress you out. Dive into our exquisite selection of authentic Japanese gifts and discover the perfect present for everyone on your list. Remember, it's not just about the gift, but the thought and love behind it.

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