Bokksu Recommends the Best Haikyuu Snacks

by Jillian Giandurco

Haikyu!! is a popular anime and manga series about a boys’ volleyball team striving for their shot at Nationals. The manga, which was created by Haruichi Furudate, ran from 2012 to 2020, while the television show ran for 25 episodes in 2014. Whether you’re just getting familiar with the series now, or are diving back into the world of Karasuno High School, you’re gonna need some snacks to get you through. Munch on these Japanese snacks and channel your favorite Haikyu!! characters while you do so.

Shy Hinata

Shy Hinata is a first year student at Karasuno High School, a middle backer on the boys’ volleyball team, and our main protagonist. With his energetic, well-liked, and bubbly personality, it only makes sense that his snack equivalent would be the Giant Caplico: Strawberry, because who doesn’t like ice cream (or Hinata)?? This sweet treat is meant to look like a strawberry ice cream cone, but it’s actually made with a wafer cone, fluffy strawberry mousse on top, and chocolate mousse in the middle.

Giant Caplico: Strawberry

Rynosuke Tanaka

As the hot head trouble maker of the series, second year student and wing spiker Rynosuke Tanaka definitely has a spicy side to him. That’s why the snack that best represents Tanaka from Haikyu!! is the Akasaka Shisen Hanten Mochiya Potato Chips: Mapo Chili Oil Flavor from Sanshin. These fiery chips are a collab between Sanshin and Chinese restaurant Akasaka Shisen Hanten that you don’t want to miss. The spicy mapo chili flavor definitely packs a punch, so make sure you have a bottle of water nearby!

Akasaka Shisen Hanten Mochiya Potato Chips: Mapo Chili Oil Flavor

Asahi Azumane

Before he made it big as a designer in Tokyo, Asahi from Haikyu!! was a wing spiker for the Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team. Even though he was often referred to as the team’s “ace,” Asahi was actually one of the more reserved characters in the series. To get on his level, why not try one of Bokksu’s delicious teas, like our Okukirishima Tea? You won’t find a tea that is more rich or well-bodied than this sip made with sencha leaves from Kirishima in Kagoshima Prefecture. Not everyone can have the same moderate demeanor as Asahi, but tea can certainly help us get there!

Okukirishima Tea

Rintar Suna

Inarizaki High School’s middle backer Rintar Suna is also a rather quiet Haikyu!! character with a deadpan personality. If the second year student known for being an incredibly powerful player with a knack for spiking is your favorite, then you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on a bag of our Handmade Yuzu Sake Candy. These Japanese sweets, which were created exclusively for Bokksu by Daimonji Ame Honpo, are made with traces of real yuzu fruits, as well as a 0.1% alcohol content. That’s right – these refreshing citrus candies are spiked, so you know Suna would love them!

Handmade Yuzu Sake Candy

We hope you enjoyed this fun and tasty comparison of Haikyuu characters and Japanese snacks. If you're a fan of both anime and snacks, you might want to check out some of our other blogs where we match different anime shows and movies with their snack counterparts. You can also discover some of the best anime-themed snacks that you can buy online or make at home.

No matter who you’re favorite Haikyu!! characters are, there’s a Japanese snack to match their personality. Make sure to get yours and more at the Bokksu Boutique, and while you’re there, don’t forget to check out our Classic Bokksu Japanese snack subscription box. With our monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plans, you can have 20-24 Japanese snacks sent directly to your door whenever you’d like!


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