February Theme:
Kit Kat Love

by Danny Taing

For Valentine's Day this year, we are beyond excited to offer something extra special to you our cherished Bokksu Members. I am of course talking about Limited Edition Japanese Kit Kats! Why settle for a normal box of chocolates when you can now sample adventurous yet super tasty flavors like Rum Raisin, Sake, and much more! Without further ado, I present to you February'17 Bokksu Theme:

February Bokksu: Kit Kat Love

Kit Kats were first introduced to Japan in 1973. Since then, Japanese Kit Kats have exploded to over 300 flavors including limited, seasonal, and region specific editions! No wonder Japan is the second largest consumer of Kit Kats after England! Part of its popularity comes from the Japanese pronunciation of Kit Kat, which is similar to the phrase “Kitto Katsu” (きっと勝つ), which means “definite victory”. Thanks to this linguistic coincidence, Kit Kat is now ubiquitously gifted to hopeful exam takers all over Japan as a good luck charm. This month we’ll take you on a wild (but tasty) ride of 8 limited edition Kit Kat flavors from Sake to Wasabi. So sit back, have a break, and most importantly have a Kitto Katto!

And for the moment you've all been waiting for: The 8 tasty Kit Kat flavors!

Luxury Edition:

1. Cranberry & Almond 毎日の贅沢

Mainichi no Zeitaku: Cranberry and Almond

Adult Edition:

2. Original 大人の甘さ

Otona no Amasa: Original

3. Matcha 大人の甘さ 抹茶

Otona no Amasa: Matcha

4. Strawberry 大人の甘さ ストロベリー

Otona no Amasa: Strawberry

Limited Edition:

5. Japanese Sake 日本酒

Japanese Sake

6. Rum Raisin ラムレーズン

Rum Raisin

7. Hojicha ほうじ茶


8. Wasabi わさび


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