Easy Japanese Strawberry Shortcake for Holiday

by Gyeongyeong Kim

Holiday is just around the corner! It is always exciting to walk around the streets filled with lights and shop holiday exclusive goods and foods. We also get to spend quality time with our loved ones too! So today, we’re going to give you a tip to make it more memorable.

Around this time of the year, all bakeries and the basements of department stores in Japan are filled with strawberry shortcake. Japan’s love for strawberry is so intense that they invented more than 300 types of strawberry through crossbreeding. Strawberries in Japan are sweet and juicy, which is why people go crazy for strawberry desserts during strawberry season. So naturally, Japanese people always celebrate the holiday with Christmas strawberry shortcakes.

However, it’s not easy to make the perfect Japanese strawberry shortcake. It is made with amazingly fluffy and spongy cake sheets, frosted with soft-peak milky whipped cream and then topped with pretty strawberries. It requires a lot of techniques like mixing in meringue without making it die during mixing, slicing the sheets into the same thickness and frosting it without any chip. Don’t you get tired just by listening to the process? So we’re here to share with you how to make Japanese Strawberry Shortcake in 10 minutes.

Japanese strawberry shortcake

Instead of spending hours and hours making the cake sheet and frosting the cake, we’re going to use Natural Yeast Bread: Hokkaido Cream on Bokksu Snack Market! Hokkaido, as featured in our December box, is not only a renowned winter destination for ski and snow lovers, but is also a great environment for dairy farming. As soon as you open the package, you’ll be able to smell the freshness and sweetness of the milk coming from the bun. Not only that, this bread is substantially moisture and fluffy, which makes it the perfect substitute for the cake sheet. Finally, we’re going to pour a soft-peak whipped cream on top of the bread making it run down naturally just like the whipped cream cakes that went viral this year!

Treat yourself a fluffy and milky strawberry cake this holiday! Make this holiday more memorable with Japanese strawberry shortcake you made at home :)

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

Makes 1 cake
  • 1 Natural Yeast Bread: Hokkaido Cream

  • 2 Tbsp (30g) heavy whipping cream

  • 1 tsp (4g) sugar

  • 2 large strawberries

  • ⅓ C (80g) heavy whipping cream

  • 2 tsp (8g) sugar

  • Strawberries for decorations

  1. Slice Natural Yeast Bread: Hokkaido Cream into three slices.
  2. Whip 2Tbsp of cream with 1 tsp of sugar. Dice two large strawberries. Mix in the strawberries into the cream. Evenly top the first layer of the bread with half of the whipped cream. Put another layer of bread onto the first layer. Repeat the process with the remaining cream and the slice of bread. 
  3. Wrap around the cake with parchment paper with a bit of room on top.
  4. Whip ⅓ C of cream with 2 tsp of sugar until it’s soft peak and runny. Pour the cream on top of the cake. Lift up the parchment paper. Decorate with strawberries.

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