Decorate Your Favorite Holiday Drinks With These Pocky Flavors

by Danny Taing

Pocky sticks are a very popular Japanese snack; this simple yet delicious finger food consists of a crisp biscuit stick and a mouthwatering flavored coating. Classic flavors include chocolate, strawberry, and almond, as well as more modern twists such as matcha, cookies & cream, and coconut. After being released in 1966, Pocky’s popularity spread like wildfire globally, and it has even gained nicknames across the world like “Mikado” in Europe and “Rocky” in Malaysia. Pocky is easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere, and in so many different contexts. Since the holiday season is upon us, to celebrate Bokksu-style, we bring you a selection of Pocky stick flavors to pair with your favorite holiday drinks.

Pocky: Megami no Ruby Goddess Ruby

The Megami no Ruby Goddess Ruby dark chocolate dipped Pocky would pair perfectly with your favorite mulled wine. A typical mulled wine combines ingredients like orange, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and a sweetener like sugar or honey. This Pocky’s berry-infused coating will further enhance the fruit and spice flavored drink. The snack’s stick also gives it another flavor kick – zesty black pepper is folded into the biscuit dough.

Bring this Pocky to share over mulled wine at your next holiday get together…or don’t and eat them all on your own during a cozy night in. We fully endorse both decisions!

Pocky: Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry

A good holiday punch highlights the classic wintertime flavor of cranberry along with splashes of apple cider, orange wedges, and rum or festive sparkling wine. This holiday cocktail would be a great match with Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry. This Pocky consists of a cocoa stick, a strawberry chocolate base made with real strawberry powder, and freeze-dried strawberry crumble as a topping.

The cocoa biscuit’s tasty bitterness and the strawberries' refreshing tartness accompany the sweetness of the berry-licious punch.

Pocky: Zeitaku Milk Chocolate

Traditional chocolate Pocky is elevated with this velvety Zeitaku Milk Chocolate variety; it has shorter sticks to enhance the chocolatey goodness. This Pocky even goes the extra step and has more chocolate dipping per biscuit, almost four times as much! More Pocky per bite!

Couple this snack with eggnog, a quintessential holiday beverage made with sugar, milk, and whipped egg yolks and whites. These rich ingredients come together to form a delightful sweet treat that can be served warm or chilled. Make the drink even sweeter by pairing it with this Pocky; the smooth, sweet milk chocolate will enhance all of the eggnog’s best characteristics.

Pocky: Almond Crush

Hot chocolate is a staple of any wintertime season, fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit by indulging in a hazelnut hot chocolate with either a flavored powder mix or by whipping hazelnut spread into your homemade hot chocolate. Then, savor it along with Almond Crush Pocky, which complements the drink’s nutty flavor.

This Pocky presents the ideal blend of buttery biscuit, silky chocolate, and crispy almonds. The smooth texture of hot chocolate we all love will be perfectly accompanied by this milk chocolatey snack – each Almond Crush Pocky is coated with two milk chocolate layers! Also, the Pocky’s almonds add a great contrasting crunch.

Creating these drink and Japanese snack combos is a great way to boost your holiday spirits, whether you are a seasoned Pocky lover or a first-timer. So, celebrate the holiday season with these pairings, and let us know what you think! Drop us a line telling us which was your favorite, or share any new pairings you come up with! And, because we are talking holidays, Pocky Day is November 11th – the numerical date 11/11 represents the snack’s biscuit sticks! Happy Belated Pocky Day!

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