Best Savory Japanese Snacks of 2020

by Dallas Ernst

Nothing satisfies a salty snack craving like a crispy, crunchy chip, rice cracker, or senbei. From salty soy and nutty sesame to spicy red pepper and complex ginger flavors, there’s a wide array of savory Japanese snacks to choose from.

As 2020 (finally) comes to an end, we are looking back at the past year of snacks and sharing some of the highlights. Check out this list for the best savory Japanese snacks of 2020. Some were best sellers, while others are new discoveries we can’t get enough of and hope you’ll enjoy, too!

Yokohama Sesame Oil Okaki Rice Crackers

These crunchy rice crackers are a sesame-lover’s dream. You can smell the sesame flavor the second you open the bag!

Made from 100% glutinous rice, Yokohama Sesame Oil Okaki Rice Crackers are coated with soy sauce specially brewed for Minoya Arare and Iwai no Goma Abura’s specialty sesame oil. The mix of soy and sesame flavors make these rice crackers a true spicy, savory snack. Bokksu members love this snack’s big flavor and crunchy texture.

Hokkaido rich butter potato chips

Potato Chips: Hokkaido Rich Butter

We were completely wowed by the rich flavor of these baked potato chips. Hokkaido is known for its high quality dairy products, and the addition of real Hokkaido butter to this snack speaks wonders.

We have no doubt these rich, crispy chips will become fan favorites.

Imokari Cube

Being made from cubed, fried sweet potatoes, this snack sounds simple enough, but it’s a real treat. Open a bag and enjoy the crunchy texture along with the taste of real, natural sweet potatoes used to make Imokari Cube.

We love the balance of sweet and savory flavors in this snack and adore its cute cube-y shape.

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Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy

These soy sauce and red pepper flavored rice crackers are savory with a nice, spicy kick. Named after the traditional Japanese dance-drama kabuki, Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy live up to their namesake.

Bokksu members applaud this snack for its “crunchiness factor,” “nice spice,” and “excellent flavor.” We love how this snack is spicy without being overwhelming.

Benishoga chips

Osaka Beni Shoga Ginger Tempura Potato Chips

This potato chip is inspired by Osaka’s, beni shoga, or red pickled ginger snack, which gets coated in tempura batter and fried to make a one-of-a-kind treat.

Osaka Beni Shoga Ginger Tempura Potato Chips boast big flavors, including salty and sour flavors and some natural heat from the ginger. These thin, crispy chips are bursting with crave-worthy flavors without being greasy. We can’t get enough of these chips and Bokksu members love their ginger flavor and “superb crunch.”

Whether you prefer the savory taste of sesame and soy or the heat of ginger and red pepper, there’s a tasty Japanese snack for you. Try one—or all—of the best savory snacks from this past year and tell us your favorite(s) in the comments below!

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