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5 Holiday Corporate Gifting Trends Look Out For

5 Holiday Corporate Gifting Trends Look Out For

We are deep into the gift-giving season, and you are bound to have at least a few employees or co-workers to which you would like to send some holiday joy. Bokksu’s extensive snack, candy, and tea market is perfect for any unique appreciation office present you are looking for. We have curated a list of excellent office gift ideas to jumpstart your shopping.

Nakajima Taishodo Gift Box

This Japanese gift box consists of a delicious assortment of baked goods that mix Japanese tradition with Western flavors. The choices of baked goods span a wide variety of flavor profiles where anyone will find something they love. A few highlights include the Black Sesame Cookie, pleasantly sweet cookies with nutty black sesame, the Matcha Cakes, a blend Uji Matcha and white chocolate, and the Honey Castella Cake, a fluffy sponge cake sweetened with honey.

Japanese Kit Kat: Passion Fruit

Kit Kats are all the rage in Japan – the country’s love for these delectable chocolate wafer treats has led to a long list of exciting and inventive flavors you could never find in the United States. One particularly unique flavor is passion fruit Kit Kat, and Bokksu is excited to offer it in the market. The passion fruit flavoring is made from powdered fruit juice, which provides a tart, but sweet accent. And as an extra surprise, each package features an encouraging message! This treat will undoubtedly earn you the best gift badge in the office.

Mike popcorn

Mike Popcorn: Butter Soy Sauce Flavor

This savory snack is a perfect combination of traditional American finger food and Japanese flavors. Mike Popcorn, established in 1957, is Japan’s first domestic popcorn brand. The company has a range of adventurous flavorings, including this variety, which mixes butter and soy sauce. Mike Popcorn adds a novel twist to the classic popcorn we all know and love.

Japanese tea bundle

Traditional Japanese Tea Bundle

This tea assortment bundle is great for any tea lover. It will introduce the recipient to traditional Japanese tea flavors. The Tea of 88 Nights is a green tea that falls into the Ichibancha category, meaning the first teas picked in the year. Sencha is a silky, whole leaf tea with a smooth texture. Black Sesame Hojicha is a roasted green tea with black sesame. The distinctive Kukicha tea is made with the stem of the tea plant instead of the leaf and has a nuttier flavor. If you were not already convinced, this assortment comes with a mix of loose leaf and tea bags, creating an exciting tea making experience too!

Sakura Candy

Handmade Sakura Candy

And last, but certainly not least, for a truly distinctive gift your recipient will not find elsewhere, go with the Sakura Candy. This Bokksu exclusive is a light and floral hard candy that melts in your mouth. This candy is made with real cherry blossoms! Using traditional Japanese methods, the cherry blossoms are harvested, pickled, and dried in salt before being mixed into the candy. This method preserves the sweet flavor and bright color of the flower.

So there you have it. A perfect selection of Japanese treats for whatever office gift you might need, whether it be an employee appreciation gift, client gift basket, or a little token of appreciation for your favorite co-worker. Any of the picks in this diverse selection is guaranteed to delight recipients, whatever their snacking preferences may be! Enjoy your Bokksu market explorations and happy gifting!

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