20 Best Valentine's Day Gifts From Japan

by Aree Anas

As Valentine's Day approaches, the quest for the perfect gift should be a journey of love and thoughtfulness. If you’re enchanted by the exquisite culture and tastes of Japan, Bokksu Boutique presents an exclusive collection that transcends the ordinary.

This guide to the best Valentine's Day gifts tailored for Japan enthusiasts will take you through a curated list of 20 unique items, each echoing the essence of love in the country.

From customizable treasures to gourmet delights, these gifts are more than presents. They are gateways to experiencing the heart of Japanese tradition and innovation. Let’s explore!

1. Chocolate Treasures Gift Box

Chocolate Treasures Gift Box

The Chocolate Treasures Gift Box is a true testament to the art of Japanese confectionery, making it one of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for those who cherish both love and luxury. This exquisite box is a celebration of chocolate in its many splendid forms, designed to convey the heartfelt message, "I treasure you!"

What’s in the box? It’s not just a collection of treats; it also includes a specialty item of your choice, adding a personalized touch to your gift. Choose from exclusive items:

  • The Hakata Ori Handmade Pouch that speaks of meticulous Japanese artistry

  • Relaxing Sakura Incense and Bath Powder for a spa-like experience at home

  • The charming Mini Cup and Bokksu Original Sakura Tea Time Coaster set for those cozy tea moments

  • The beautifully crafted Wakotou Japanese Candle Holder to set a romantic ambiance

To elevate this gift further, you have the option to include a rose-colored Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth. The cloth adds a traditional and elegant touch to this already impressive customized gift box.


2. Be Mine Gift Box

Be Mine Gift Box

This gift box vibrantly celebrates love and Japanese craftsmanship, making it an ideal choice for Valentine's Day. A thoughtfully curated box designed to kindle romance and delight, it embodies the spirit of "Be mine" in every aspect.

Like the Chocolate Treasures set, the Be Mine Gift Box contains a lot more than treats. It offers the opportunity to customize your gift with a specialty item of your choice. You may choose any of the following:

  • The charming Mini Cup and Bokksu Original Sakura Tea Time Coaster set for those cozy tea moments

  • The Sakura Washi Notebook and Pen set for capturing thoughts and dreams

  • Relaxing Sakura Incense and Bath Powder for a spa-like experience at home

  • The Four Seasons Candle Set: Sakura Spring to bring the serene ambiance of a Japanese spring into your home

Each option adds a distinct touch to your gift. You also have the chance to make the present even more elegant with a rose-colored Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth.


3. Sweetheart Gift Box

Sweetheart Gift Box 

Thrill your friend or romantic partner with the Sweetheart Gift Box, a collection of delicious treats made in Japan. This box is a heartfelt reminder of the sweetness of love, wrapped in a box featuring an exclusive Valentine's design that captures the spirit of the occasion.

A delightful mix of traditional and modern Japanese treats, it includes the richly flavored Nagasaki Premium Castella Cake: Matcha.

You’ll also find creamy and slightly salty Yokohama Butter Sandwich Cookies and tender Edo Matsuri Ningyoyaki Cake: Custard. It comes with a Japanese Mino mug in a charming pink hue as well.

This is another gift box you can choose to wrap in a rose-colored Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth.


4. Savory Bliss Gift Box

Savory Bliss Gift Box

The Savory Bliss Gift Box is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for those who prefer savory over sweet. This box is a celebration of Japan's diverse snack culture, offering an array of flavors that cater to the gourmet palate. It's an ideal choice for anyone who appreciates the intricate and bold flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Inside, the box is packed with various savory treats. Highlights include the Koikeya Pure Potato Chips Truffle and Rock Salt, which offer a luxurious twist on classic chips.

You’ll also find the Ebikari Spicy Curry Snack in it, which combines shrimp and curry for a bold flavor experience. The box features more savory delights, each showcasing the unique tastes of Japan.

There’s more! It contains a Japanese Design Washi Notebook and a sleek ballpoint pen, perfect for writing love notes. Not many gifts capture the essence of Valentine's Day as much as the Savory Bliss.

To enhance the gifting experience, feel free to include a traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth.


5. Chocolate Flower Bouquet Gift

Chocolate Flower Bouquet Gift

The Chocolate Flower Bouquet Gift is a delightful fusion of two classic Valentine's Day gifts: chocolates and flowers. This exquisite offering is perfect for those looking to combine traditional romance with a tasty twist.

Each chocolate in this bouquet is delicately crafted into the shape of roses, symbolizing love and affection. You can make this your go-to gift for that special someone in your life.

The bouquet features chocolates in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, strawberry marble, and blueberry marble. We recommend this item if you’re going for a romantic symphony of taste.

Also, the intricate design and the rich, fruity flavors of these chocolates make them not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes.

6. Assorted Chocolates Gift Box

Assorted Chocolates Gift Box

The perfect choice for those who revel in the rich and varied flavors of chocolate, this luxurious collection features six distinct types of chocolate.

Inside, you'll find an array of chocolate-centric baked creations, including the sumptuous Chocolat Tart and the crunchy, caramel-infused Biscuit Caramel. The Ruby Chocolat stands out with its rare and exquisite flavor, adding a touch of novelty to the assortment.

Each variety in the Assorted Chocolates Gift Box has been carefully selected to provide a memorable tasting journey for this special occasion.


7. Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth (Rose)

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth (Rose)

This elegant wrapping cloth from Bokksu Boutique is a traditional Japanese cloth that adds cultural significance to any Valentine's Day gift. It’s versatile because it serves as both a wrapping material and a symbol of the care put into gift-giving.

The furoshiki, in particular, has the color of roses and a romantic appeal, making it perfect for this occasion of love.

What makes the Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth truly special is its ability to transform any gift into something extraordinary. Whether you're wrapping one of the exquisite gift boxes from Bokksu Boutique or another special present, the furoshiki elevates the gifting experience.

Interested in learning the art of furoshiki wrapping? You can read more about how to use this beautiful cloth.

Get this present to wrap your gifts in not just cloth but also tradition and love.

8. White Strawberry Gift Box

White Strawberry Gift Box

This box features Bokksu's signature White Strawberries, an innovative delight where freeze-dried strawberries are infused with creamy white chocolate, creating a perfect balance of fruitiness and sweetness.

Also, the treat contains zero gluten and eggs. It’s a fantastic present to give to a vegetarian.

For those whose tastes lean towards the unconventional, there's also a Black Strawberry Gift Box, offering a distinctive and equally indulgent alternative.

9. The Treat Yourself Box

The Treat Yourself Box

The Treat Yourself Box is a delightful invitation to indulge in self-care and relaxation, making it a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for anyone who deserves a break. This special box is a collection of Japan's finest comforting items, carefully selected to create a serene and indulgent experience.

It includes different treats and products designed to pamper and please, from luxurious snacks to soothing teas and other relaxing items.

The Treat Yourself Box is an experience that brings the essence of a Japanese spa day right to your doorstep. It's perfect for those moments when your loved one needs to unwind and enjoy some well-deserved "me time."

10. Premium Matcha Chocolate Cake Gift Set

Premium Matcha Chocolate Cake Gift Set

This is a set of luxurious treats for matcha enthusiasts. It includes nine pieces in three flavors: matcha, strawberry & matcha, and hojicha & genmaicha. They all represent a delightful interplay of tea and chocolate.

Each cube is a blend of authentic tea leaves and chocolate, presenting an elegant beauty and deep green color. It's a perfect gift for those who appreciate the subtleties of Japanese tea and the richness of chocolate.

11. Bouquets of Chocolate Gift Set

Bouquets of Chocolate Gift Set 

Charming and delicious, the Bouquets of Chocolate Gift Set from Bokksu Boutique is a great Valentine’s Day gift. This set features 10 pieces in three flavors (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla), each resembling a cute and dainty bouquet of roses and leaves.

The rich chocolate filling complements the flavor of the corn cone, creating a sumptuous taste. It's a beautiful and tasty gift, perfect for your big day. Hand it to your Valentine, be it your romantic partner or friend, and watch them smile.



12. Japanese Flowers Incense Gift Box

Japanese Flowers Incense Gift Box 

The Japanese Flowers Incense Gift Box is a serene and aromatic offering from Bokksu Boutique. Crafted with natural essential oils, these incense sticks provide a delicate and natural fragrance.

Made using precious oils extracted from flowers and seeds, the resulting ash is naturally white, adding to its purity and elegance. This gift box is superb for creating a tranquil and fragrant atmosphere.

Scent Varieties

  • Jasmin by the Window: Help your loved one feel more relaxed on date night with the sweet, sultry, and fresh scent of jasmine. 

  • Anemone Path: Enjoy the natural, fruity aroma of anemone and vanilla.

  • Lavender Hill: The floral scent will remind you of nature and Mother Earth.

  • Wild Rose Forest: Amongst other types, the wild rose is the perfect option for a strong scent.

  • Lotus Pond: The scent offers a delicate touch compared to other variants.

13. Daimonji Ame Honpo Handmade Candy Gift Box

Daimonji Ame Honpo Handmade Candy Gift Box

Here’s your chance to embark on a sweet journey through Kyoto's candy-making tradition. This box contains a variety of handmade candies from a 100-year-old family business, offering six flavors for a tasty variety.

Each candy is a testament to the craftsmanship and history of Kyoto confectionery. It's a delightful gift for candy lovers and those interested in Japanese culinary heritage.

14. Kagoshima Seicha Gift Box: Satsumarche Tea Bags

Kagoshima Seicha Gift Box: Satsumarche Tea Bags

The Kagoshima Seicha Gift Box: Satsumarche Tea Bags is a tea lover's dream. This box contains different Satsumarche teas, offering a glimpse into the rich tea culture of Kagoshima. Each tea is a unique expression of Japanese tea artistry and requires a different brewing method.

Tea Varieties

  • Sakurajima Komikan Tea

  • Kagoshima Benifuuki Black Tea

  • Kagoshima Chiran Tea

  • Fukamushi Tea

  • Yuzu Ryokucha Green Tea

  • Green Tea with Matcha

You can’t go wrong giving this to a person who cherishes the ritual and flavor of a good cup of tea. It’s also great for lactose-intolerant people and vegans, as it doesn’t contain dairy, eggs, or soy.

15. Premium Cotton Candy Gift Set

Premium Cotton Candy Gift Set

The Sakura Premium Cotton Candy Gift Set from Zarame Gourmet Cotton Candy is one of our most luxurious and fun options. This set includes six spring-time flavors like Sakura Milk and Kyoto Matcha Latte, made with premium Japanese ingredients. Other flavors include Wata Touka (strawberry), Wata Yatsuhashi (kinako), Hojicha Latte (roasted green tea), and Matcha Kintoki (Uji matcha and azuki red beans).

Zarame Gourmet, based in Kyoto, has created a fantastic gift idea by bringing elegance to cotton candy.

16. Hakata Amaou Strawberry Mochi

Hakata Amaou Strawberry Mochi

Indulge in the luxury of the "king" of strawberries with the Hakata Amaou Strawberry Mochi. This delicacy features jiggly, plump warabi mochi made with strawberry puree, filled with smooth sweet bean paste and condensed milk.

The balance of sweetness and slight sourness, coupled with a rich aroma, perfectly captures the essence of spring. Each piece is meticulously wrapped and presented in an elegant washi-like box adorned with a strawberry-inspired design.

The gift box also includes kinako (soybean flour) for an optional traditional dusting, enhancing the flavor and texture of the mochi.


17. Fuubian Gift Box: Langue De Chat Cookies

Fuubian Gift Box: Langue De Chat Cookies

The Fuubian Gift Box is a collection of langue de chat-style Japanese cookies in four delicious flavors. The French term “langue de chat” means “cat’s tongue,” which is the original shape of the cookies. However, there’s a difference in the Japanese version, which is a rectangular butter cookie filled with chocolate.

Each cookie is a blend of traditional Japanese tastes with a touch of French elegance, offering a unique and delightful gifting option. From Strawberry Parfait to Chocolate Banana, these delicate cookies are perfect for those who appreciate the finer aspects of baking.

18. The Kawaii Gift Box

The Kawaii Gift Box 

Share the essence of 'kawaii' with this unique gift box. Filled with the most adorable snacks and cute specialty items from Japan, it's the perfect gift for kawaii lovers. Bokksu Boutique offers yet another delightful way to bring a smile to your loved one's face this Valentine's Day. There are over 12 items in the box.

Among the treasures are charming stationery items, perfect for adding a touch of joy to everyday tasks. These include whimsically designed notepads, colorful pens, and other cute accessories that capture the heart of kawaii culture.

Alongside the stationery delights, the box also contains a variety of sweet and savory snacks, each packaged in delightful, eye-catching designs. There’s chocolate strawberry, lemon candy, and lots more!

19. Artisanal Filled Marshmallows Gift Set

Artisanal Filled Marshmallows Gift Set

Experience the soft, fluffy texture of Japanese-style marshmallows with the Artisanal Filled Marshmallows Gift Set. It features flavors like the delicate cherry blossom, which captures the essence of spring in Japan. There’s a subtle balance of sweetness with the distinct taste of rich Japanese green tea. The set also includes other flavors like chestnut, adding a nutty, creamy dimension to the assortment.

These artisanal marshmallows are perfect if you appreciate the finer details in sweets, making the gift set a thoughtful and unique gift for Valentine's Day.


20. Bokksu Original Sweets Gift Basket

Bokksu Original Sweets Gift Basket

This Bokksu gift basket is a confectionery lover's paradise, containing 17 pieces in six flavors. You’ll find a variety of unique Japanese cookies and cakes beloved by both kids and adults.

There are three pairs of Chocolate Crunch Bars in orange, grape, and strawberry flavors. Enjoy three Kirara Sandwich Cookies made from Amaou strawberries and chocolate, six crispy White Chocolate Langue de Chat cookies, as well as two Milk Pudding Baumkuchen Cakes made from "Ito Monogatari" milk and dipped in caramel sauce. All of these snacks pair well with coffee.

Each item shows the freshness and creativity of Japanese sweets. You can’t miss it if you give them to someone who appreciates gourmet treats.


Valentine's Day Gifts From Bokksu Boutique

This Valentine's Day, step into Japan’s love scene with Bokksu Boutique's exclusive 2024 Valentine's Collection. The gifts are testaments to the beauty, tradition, and innovation of Japanese culture, offering a unique way to express your love and appreciation.

Whether you're drawn to the elegance of matcha-infused treats, the charm of artisanal crafts, or the uniqueness of Japanese flavors, this collection has something for every Japanophile.

Visit Bokksu Boutique today and shop for the best Valentine's Day gifts to captivate the heart of your loved one. Make your Valentine feel the spirit of love and tradition with a gift that's as special as they are.

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