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May Bokksu Sneak Peek: Matcha Love

May Bokksu Sneak Peek: Matcha Love

We are excited to present the long-awaited theme of Bokksu's first launch box shipping out on May 10:

Matcha Love

'Matcha' is commonly translated into English as 'Green Tea' and is traditionally used in tea ceremonies that center on the preparation, serving, and drinking of it. In modern times, matcha is also used to flavor both savory and sweet foods. The taste of matcha varies depending on the quality of matcha used or what type of food it flavors. However, when added to sweet snacks, matcha typically infuses a slightly bitter flavor that perfectly balances the sweetness to create a smooth bittersweet taste. This symphony of bittersweetness is exemplified in one of the snack items in May's box:

Matcha Milk Dorayaki

Matcha Milk Dorayaki

Dorayaki is a fluffy red-bean pancake that is made by wrapping two circular castella cakes around an Azuki red bean paste filling. The addition of green tea and milk further brings out the bitterness of the red bean while infusing a creamy sweetness with every bite.

May boxes are selling out fast so subscribe today to reserve yours before they're gone!

Happy snacking!

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