Presenting Our Custom-Designed Box

by Danny Taing

Since our beta launch back in February, we have been working hard to continually improve the whole Bokksu experience for our subscribers from receiving the box to unboxing its contents to enjoying the delicious snacks. Thus, we are excited to present our custom-designed box which will hold the Japanese snacks and tea pairings delivered to your door every month:

Custom Bokksu box design

Though the box above seems minimalistic, arriving at the final box design actually took several months of iterations. From optimizing its look and feel to considering its utility and function, we wanted to create a box that would delight our subscribers the most throughout their Bokksu experience. For example, in order to impart a comfortable and intuitive unboxing experience, we chose a double wall tuck front design as many people already associate tucked boxes with baked goods and sweets. Additionally, we decided on a clean and simple outer appearance so as to not distract and detract from the most important element: the delicious snacks inside!

We are very happy with our custom-designed box and hope that you will enjoy it too. Subscribe today to receive one of these beautiful boxes when we ship them out in May! Also feel free to contact us with any comments about our box. We take user feedback very seriously and will take them into consideration when designing our next bokksu down the line!

Happy snacking!

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