September 2017: Laurie Oue from Hawaii

by Mina Okamura

I'm so happy to introduce Laurie as our September Bokksu Member Spotlight! She has been a loyal member of the Bokksu Family since June 2016 and since then Laurie has been sending Bokksu love all the way from the Aloha State every month. We couldn't be more thankful for her support! Read more here about the lovely Laurie:

1. How do you feel about being selected as our Bokksu Member Spotlight?

I'm humbled to be chosen & delighted becase Bokksu is something I truly love.

2. What do you find most exciting about Japanese snacks?

That many of them are special to a particular prefecture. So the more places you visit, more snacks you can discover.

3. What made you fall in love with Japanese snacks?

When I first vacationed in Japan, I looked for gifts (omiyage) to bring home for my friends and family. We found so many treats as we traveled through each city and town.

4. What was your favorite snack and/or favorite theme in our past boxes?

The first time I heard of Bokksu, the Hokkaido box had just come out. Hokkaido is one of my favorite places to visit, so it piqued my interest and I signed up. Since then, one of my favorites was the Anna Monaka in the Artisinal Kyoto box.

5. On average, how long does your Bokksu last before you finish the whole box?

I like to share the snacks, so sometimes my work mates and friends help me finish the snacks before the next box arrives.

6. What Japanese snack would you like to see in a future Bokksu?

I'm a third generation Japanese American whose family came from Hiroshima. So maybe Momiji Manju?

7. What is a future theme you would like to see Bokksu do?

How about a sake theme? Maybe snacks to enjoy with sake.

8. How would you describe the feeling you get when you’re about to open your Bokksu?

I'm full of anticipation, ready to see what treats the new Bokksu will hold.

9. What is your favorite fall activity?

I live in Hawaii, so we don't really have seasons. I like to travel in the fall to experience the cool weather and to see the leaves change.

10. What is one Japanese food you just can’t get enough of (doesn’t have to be a Bokksu snack)?

Hokkaido seafood, like uni, scallops and hairy crab. And soft cream in warm or cold weather.

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