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Relaxing Loungewear Robe


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Relaxing Loungewear Robe
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It’s time to upgrade your self care! This unisex robe is made from recycled cotton using wazarashi, a traditional Japanese cotton scouring treatment that makes the cotton softer, more delicate, and safe for sensitive skin. The french terry inner lining creates an absorbent and stretchy sensation. The design itself is based on the traditional Japanese samue, traditional leisurewear that’s great for comfort and movement. It’s perfect for colder days while still being breathable. Think of it as part robe, part long cardigan, and all you need for some daily coziness.

About the Maker

Daitou Shingu is a Kyoto-based lifestyle company founded in 1925. Since then, they have provided their services to many industries - bedding stores on Kyoto’s “Fiber Street”, Kimono shops, interior design studios, medical facilities, and more. Their goal is to provide kaimin (a good night’s sleep) and kutsurgi (relaxation and feeling at home) to their customers. They put great value in creating a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for their customers, which has led to much recognition by the city of Kyoto.


  • Size: Length: 100cm (39.37") Sleeve Length: 67cm (26.37") Body Width: 60cm (23.62"), Sleeve Width: 25cm(9.84")
  • Materials: Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Machine wash on gentle, using a mesh laundry bag
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Please use detergents without optical brighteners
  • After washing, smooth out wrinkles on all sides, shape cloth, and hang to dry

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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