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Organic Drip Tea Full Moon Tea

Product Description

Fresh, full green tea leaves clean and simple in flavor. This tea shows off just why Shizuoka prefecture is known for having some of the highest quality green tea in all of Japan and the world. The name “Full Moon” tea comes from how the leaves are harvested within the 7 days before the full moon, where the tea is able to get a rich aroma and umami flavor by this particular harvesting practice. For those interested in the rhythm of the moon, you can find this tea to be especially energizing.

Product Details

  • Product of Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Common Allergens: N/A
  • Vegetarian

Brewing Instructions: 

Open the bag at the top and remove the drip-bag. At the dotted line of the packaging, rip open the top and pull at the side handles of the bag to place it over your tea mug. Boil 150ml/5oz of hot water and wait for it to cool to 158F/C (until you can comfortably touch the mug) and pour the water over the drip-tea bag to steep the tea for 90 seconds, lightly shake the bag before removing it to drink the tea.

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