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Kamiyama Magewappa Tray

$90.00 $100.00

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Kamiyama Magewappa Tray
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This Magewappa tray is made in the most traditional way, using only natural Japanese materials and no synthetic adhesives or paints. From the cedar frame to the bamboo nails and cherry blossoms seam, this tray is a connection with nature. Magewappa, in which premium straight grain cedar wood is crafted using steam, has a long history and maker Nao Kondo’s traditional manufacturing techniques are a valuable revival of the ancient crafting methods. It's a sustainable process from creation, to use, to finish. Now you can appreciate the intricate beauty and craftsmanship in everyday life, and after many years, when you no longer need this beautiful bento box, you can burn this biodegradable tray and return it to the Earth from which it came.

About the Maker

Although Magewappa itself has a history of over 1000 years, there are only a few workshops in Japan that use this method. Creator Nao Kondo’s goal is not to make traditional crafts that are only beautiful in form, but to make products that will return to their natural environment when they are made, when they are used, and when they are finished. They hope that people who are interested in the fusion of sustainable and traditional crafts will pick up their products.


  • Size: Diameter: 140mm (5.51") Height: 20mm (0.78")
  • Materials: Japanese Cedar, Wild Cherry Bark, Japanese Bamboo
  • Made in Japan
  • Products are handmade only using natural materials, so slight variations, dents and scratches may occur
  • Please avoid putting food with high water or oil content into the bento box

This item is handcrafted by a craftsperson in Japan

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