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Kyoei Seicha

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Starter Set


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Minimum Quantity 3
Ceremonial Matcha Tea Starter Set
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This simple set of teawares is all you need to begin making matcha the traditional way. Included is a chawan ceramic tea bowl for mixing, bamboo chasen tea whisk and chashaku tea scoop, and natsume container for tea powder. 

Please note: due to the delicate nature of bamboo utensils, changes in air pressure and humidity during transit may damage the utensils. Careful maintenance and storage will improve the longevity of your whisk.

※ Matcha tea powder not included in set.


  • Materials: Chasen: Natural Bamboo, Chashaku: Natural Bamboo, Natsume: Synthetic resin and Plastic, Chawan: Mino ware (Pottery: Maruyoshi, Method: White slip ware)
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Hand washing is recommended

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