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January '20 Classic Bokksu: New Year in Kanagawa

Product Description

This box is curated to welcome the New Year. In Japan, the New Year is typically celebrated with lots of delicious food, and a trip to the shrine to pray for good fortune. Kanagawa is a great place to experience traditions like hatsumoude (first shrine visit of the year) and hatsuhinode (seeing the first sunrise). Take your hatsumoude in Kamakura, known for its many shrines, or maybe experience the first sunrise of the year from one of Hakone's hot springs. Throughout this box you'll be inspired to experience Kanagawa for yourself. 

We've curated snacks from across Kanagawa to give you a real taste of its confectionary culture. And since this is a celebratory box after all, we've filled it with snacks in red and gold (lucky colors in Japan) to bring you festive feelings and good fortune. 

See the full assortment here.

Product Details

  • 18 Kanagawa and New Year Japanese snacks
  • 2 Bags of Hakone Sanroku Black Tea Akafuji
  • 24-Page January 2020 Culture Guide

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