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Goma Aroma Wood With Hydrangea Aroma Oil

This simple elegant Kumiko aroma wood is better and more tasteful than any other aroma diffuser you’ve ever used. All you have to do is drop the aroma oil onto the beautiful wooden body and enjoy the wonderfully balanced aromatic scent. The aroma will soak into the wood and spread gently and evenly, combining with the scent of yellow cedar. No fire or electricity is needed. Kumiko is a traditional Japanese skill in which tiny wooden pieces are assembled by hand and finished using grooves and holes to avoid using connections with nails. It takes skill and patience to achieve such a level of high-end craftsmanship but the results are worth it - a linear geometric pattern inspired by nature. Specifically, the pattern is inspired by the cross-section of a goma (sesame seed) and the tortoiseshell of “Tsurukame”, symbols for health and longevity in Japan. In addition to the beautiful wooden body and ceramic stand, ajisai (hydrangea) aroma oil is included as well. May you find peace in the beautiful appearance and gentle aroma.

About the Maker

J Wood loves making products using traditional Japanese techniques such as Kumiko to bring a sense of Japanese culture to their customers in Japan and abroad. Traditional Japanese woodworking has become increasingly rare in the era of mass production, but their craftsmen continue to pay close attention to detail in order to create the best products possible for happiness and serenity.


  • Size: Diameter: 130mm (5.11") Height: 13mm (0.51")
  • Materials: Yellow Cedar, Ceramic, Aroma oil
  • Made in Japan
  • Please avoid using citrus-based aroma oil and dropping a large quantity of oil at one time, as doing so may result in stains on wood
  • Do not wash it in water
  • Please avoid fire, direct sunlight and moisture
  • Please avoid applying aroma oil to junctions of KUMIKO to maintain its quality

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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