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August '19 Classic Bokksu: Fireworks Festival

Product Description

Who can refuse the excitement of the season when you see the hanabi light up in the dark night sky as you barely keep the heat at bay with a Ramune soda pop in one hand and a paper uchiwa in the other? Not even the hottest weather can keep us from celebrating friends, food, and fun at Japan’s exciting Firework Festivals! Summer festivals are beloved worldwide, but Japan has a special take on their festivals that centers around highlighting food stall cuisine and delicacies that are best enjoyed while strolling in your yukata under the paper lantern lights. We’ve included a number of snacks that reflect the food stall culture in order to treat you to flavors like grilled corn, fried ginger, and fresh green tea.

See the full assortment here.

Product Details

  • 19 Japanese Snacks
  • 3 Bags of Mizudashicha Tea
  • 20-Page August 2019 Culture Guide

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