June '17 Bokksu: Citrus Summer 柑橘サマー

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    Satsumarche Yuzu Ryokucha Green Tea (1 Bag)
    Market - Satsumarche Yuzu Ryokucha Green Tea (1 Bag)
    Satsumarche Yuzu Ryokucha Green Tea (1 Bag)

    June'17 Bokksu Cover

    With summer just around the corner, we felt that June would be the perfect month to curate a refreshing box full of delicious, citrus-flavored snacks! Japan may be a small island nation, but there is a surprisingly wide variety of kankitsu (citrus fruit) grown throughout the country (over 25 kinds in fact!). One such citrus is Yuzu, a yellow, tart fruit that is packed with Vitamin C. Yuzu is often used for seasoning sauces (such as ponzu) and sometimes even used for bathing! Taking a hot bath infused with floating Yuzu fruit on Winter Solstice Day is a Japanese winter tradition that can help guard against colds and the flu. Like Yuzu, other citrus fruits are said to have the power to heal and boost your appetite, which is perfect during the summertime when many people experience Natsubate (summer fatigue). In addition to being delicious and pretty, citrus fruits come with so many health benefits, which is why we are thrilled to kick off summer with you through this month's "Citrus Summer" Bokksu!

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