July '17 Bokksu: Tropical Okinawa 美ら沖縄

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    July'17 Bokksu Cover

    Located to the south of mainland Japan, Okinawa Prefecture is made up of over 100 islands and stretches from Kyushu to Taiwan, making up the Ryukyu Island chain. Home to around 130 recognized beaches, Okinawa has some breathtaking marine sights to see, from the Emerald Beach (with the best water clarity in the prefecture), to the Nishihara Kira Kira Beach (literally translating to the Nishihara "Sparkling" Beach). With cultural icons like shisa, the lion-dog hybrid that wards off evil and brings good, Okinawa has more than just sights to offer. Okinawa is also known for great delicacies such as kokuto (pure brown sugar), pineapples, and yukishio (snow salt), all featured this month to showcase Okinawa's unique flavors. Kokuto is distinct from common American brown sugar through its being made by simply slowing down the cooking of pure sugar cane juice. Kokuto has achieved a strong following due to its distinct, complex flavor, in addition to its health benefits. On the more decadent side is the Okinawan pineapple. Okinawa is so well known for pineapples that there is a park dedicated to the pineapple, where you could even see them grow! Salt is another famous Okinawan product, and Yukishio (snow salt) is said to contain the most variety of minerals in the world! A quick addition to any cookie can bring out the gravitas in any snack. Experience the variety of flavors and culture in our "Tropical Okinawa" Bokksu!

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