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Japanese Chips, Crackers & Savory Snacks

Explore Japan's best savory snacks right here! We've curated a variety of savory snacks to bring an authentic taste of Japan to you. Japan is full of surprising snacks that are sinfully savory and bursting with umami. Here you can find a variety of traditional senbei and other rice crackers like okaki and arare to satisfy your snacking needs. Or try one of our many potato sticks or kakinotane for a flavorful adventure.
Shinkabukirenjishi Fried Rice Cracker (24 Pieces)
$16.00 $20.00
- +
Kyo no Sato: Negi Miso (1 Piece)
$1.00 $2.00
- +
Lotus Root Chips: Wasabi Soy Sauce (5 Packs)
- +
Mystery Savory Bundle
$53.00 $114.00
- +
Genovese Okaki (1 Pack)
$2.10 $3.00
- +
Japanese Mayonaise Arare (~22 Pieces)
$9.00 $10.00
- +
Yuzu Pon Arare (~23 Pieces)
- +
Souka Matcha Senbei (1 Piece)
$1.40 $2.00
- +