February '18 Bokksu: Doki Doki Kit Kat ドキドキ キットカット

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    February 2018 Doki Doki Kit Kat Bokksu

    Doki Doki is the sound of an excited heartbeat, which can be heard all over Japan during one of its most popular holidays: Valentine's Day! Though originally adopted from the West, Valentine’s Day in modern Japan has developed its own unique traditions and celebrations, the most astounding of which is that only women gift chocolate to men! If you want to experience this special day the Japanese way, it's essential to understand that there are two types of chocolate:

    • Giri Choco (義理チョコ, or “obligatory chocolate") is given to male friends or coworkers as an expression of friendship or gratitude.
    • Honmei Choco (本命チョコ, or “true love chocolate") is meant for husbands, boyfriends, or a potential love interest.

    If this sounds a bit confusing to you, have no fear; February Bokksu has got you covered! In preparation for the holiday of love and for those of you struggling to think of the perfect Valentine's Day gift, we’ve curated 10 delicious flavors of limited edition Kit Kats only found in Japan. Whether used for Honmei or Giri, this month's amorously packed Limited Edition Bokksu will surely bring you love and joy!

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