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July Theme: Natsubate 夏バテ

July Theme: Natsubate 夏バテ

With July fast approaching, summer will soon come into full swing in Japan! From strolling in a yukata through food-filled summer festivals to hearing cicadas loudly chirping nonstop, there are many experiences that exemplify summer in Japan. In order to deliver one of these delightful experiences right to your door, we've curated July's box to be filled with snacks and a tea pairing Japanese people typically enjoy in summertime. We are happy to announce July Bokksu's theme:

Summer Yukata


Natsubate literally means ‘summer fatigue’ and is a term used to describe the lethargy and fatigue brought on by the hot, humid summers in Japan. Over the years, Japanese people have developed various methods to combat natsubate from regulating their body temperature to eating certain cooling foods. To help you avoid natsubate this summer, this month’s box includes some cooling foods commonly eaten by Japanese people.

We will release the first sneak peek next week so stay tuned to find out what delicious Japanese summer snack will be headed your way!

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