Iconic Japanese Snacks From Osaka

by Jillian Giandurco

Osaka is widely considered to be one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in Japan. Osaka contains a vibrant community of enthusiastic foodies, so it’s no surprise that some of the best Japanese snacks come from Osaka! Whether you prefer your snacks to be sweet, savory, or spicy, Bokksu has more than enough Osaka goodies to go around.

Osaka Beni Shoga Ginger Tempura Potato Chips | Bokksu Japanese Snacks

Osaka Beni Shoga Ginger Tempura Potato Chips

You can never go wrong with a Team Bokksu favorite! In Osaka, red pickled ginger, or beni shoga, is fried in a tasty tempura batter to create a crispy dinner side dish or garnish. Now, you can enjoy the crunchy goodness of beni shoga in between meals, thanks to the Osaka Beni Shoga Ginger Tempura Potato Chips from Idea Package! A snack that contains all the flavor of beni shoga in potato chip form -- what could be better than that?

Umaiwa: Takoyaki Corn Puff | Bokksu Japanese Snacks

Umaiwa: Takoyaki Corn Puffs

Takoyaki, or fried balls of octopus, is a popular Japanese snack that was popularized by street vendors in Osaka. Umaiwa is the ring-shaped version of the popular corn puff snack umaibo. Put the two together and you get one of the most satisfying Japanese snacks on the market! The Umaiwa: Takoyaki Corn Puffs from Riska taste just like the classic takoyaki dipping sauce known as okonomi. And don’t forget to examine each umaiwa closely, because you might just find a rare octopus-shaped corn puff!

Aji Karuta Yuzu Chili Pepper Rice Cracker | Bokksu Japanese Snacks

Aji Karuta Yuzu Chili Pepper Rice Cracker

We guarantee you’ve never had a cracker like this before! The Aji Karuta Yuzu Chili Pepper Rice Cracker gets its crunch from the fried rice exterior, and its flavor from the aromatic citrus fruit glaze known as yuzu blended with togarashi chili pepper. Though it might sound like an unlikely pairing, the result is very similar to that of yuzu kosho, a popular fermented condiment made with yuzu and green chilis. And with a touch of sesame seeds throughout, this cracker promises a flavorful experience like no other. Sweet, savory, and spicy -- this cracker has it all!

Heart-Shaped Blueberry Pocky | Bokksu Japanese Snacks


By far, one of the most iconic Japanese sweets to come out of Osaka is Pocky. If you didn’t already know, Pocky are long, thin biscuit sticks covered in a sugary sweet coating. The original coating flavor was chocolate, but Pocky has since expanded to include strawberry, blueberry, almond, and more. No matter what flavor you choose, Pocky makes for a great snack on the go, and an even better snack for making friends!

Giant Caplico: Strawberry | Bokksu Japanese Snacks

Giant Caplico: Strawberry

Have you ever wished your ice cream wasn’t so cold all the time? If so, then this next suggestion is for you! The Giant Caplico: Strawberry from Glico contains all the fun of ice cream without any of the chill, so you can enjoy it all year long! This makeshift ice cream cone is made of a strawberry mousse top that is just waiting to melt in your mouth, and a wafer cone bottom for the complete ice cream experience. The best part is, it’s filled with a chocolate mousse center for an extra dose of sweetness!

Mugikko Chocolate Barley Puffs | Bokksu Japanese Snacks

Mugikko Chocolate Barley Puffs

When it comes to Japanese candies, there’s nothing better than chocolate! The Mugikko Chocolate Barley Puffs from Furuta Seika are a chocolatey delight that you don’t see very often: chocolate covered wheat! If you’ve never tried puffed wheat before, it’s very similar to puffed rice -- fluffy, light, and a hint of nuttiness left over from the roasting process. Mix this lighter-than-air snack with the heavy bite of a dark chocolate coating, and together they create a perfectly complementary and unforgettable Osaka classic.

Everyone knows that all the best Japanese sweets, snacks, and candies come from Japan, and we have the prefecture of Osaka to thank for bringing these specific goodies to our pantries. Of course, if you’re in the market for even more snacks, then there’s no better time to subscribe to our one-of-a kind Japanese snack box! Our Bokksu boxes come fully stacked with 20-24 snacks and teas, and a snack booklet to guide you through Japan from the comfort of your own home! Each new box revolves around a different theme, and you can choose to have your Japanese snack subscription box delivered to your door every month, three months, six months, or twelve months -- it’s completely up to you!

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