Gift Guide - Great Japanese Gifts for Sweet Tooths

by Dallas Ernst

There’s something to be said about gift giving. Sending someone a present is thoughtful, of course, but it isn’t always easy. Luckily, whether you’re looking to send a gift to a co-worker, family member, friend, or significant other, people of all ages and walks of life love sweets.

These gifts are great for anyone who loves to indulge in a tasty treat, from those who get excited by the sight of cookies, continually crave chocolate, or covet candies of all shapes, sizes and flavors. No matter who you have in mind, these Japanese gifts are the perfect way to show the sweet-lovers in your life that you’re thinking of them.

White Strawberry

It may look like an ordinary berry, but this freeze-dried, white chocolate infused strawberry is an absolute delight. This innovation hails from Nagano Prefecture and utilizes the freshest fruit from a local farm there. With a perfect flavor balance between tart and sweet, and smooth yet crunchy texture, white strawberries are the perfect treat for someone special!

Fuubian Gift Box Set

Langue de chat is French for "Cat's Tongue,” which refaces the original European cookie’s ovular shape. Japan’s version of a Langue de chat is typically a rectangular butter sandwich cookie with chocolate filling. Our Langue De Chat Cookies come in four distinct flavors, including Chocolate Banana, Cream Soda, Strawberry Parfait, and Sweet Potato. With such a variety of flavors and 20 cookies in a box, there’s plenty to share—although we doubt the receiver of this gift will want to!

Anpan gift set

Anpan Gift Box Set

The Tsukisamu Anpan Sampler includes five varieties of anpan (traditional Japanese sweet rolls) that were handmade in Hokkaido. Anpan are typically filled with anko (red bean paste) or shiro-an (white bean paste), but these anpan fillings highlight other iconic Japanese ingredients. Black sesame, matcha green tea, kokuto (Okinawan brown sugar), and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) flavors come with the original azuki red bean anpan.

Daimonji Candy Gift Box Set

Daimonji Ame Honpo Handmade Candies are crafted by Daimonji Ame Honpo, a 100-year-old family business located in Kyoto. This gift box comes packed with six different types of candy. There are fizzy Ramune candies inspired by the iconic summertime drink along with pretty, pink Sakura candies with sweet and floral flavors that transport you to springtime in Japan. The tangy, citrusy Mikan (Mandarin Orange) candies and lemonade-like Yuzu Sake candies—with bits of actual yuzu inside—are a citrus-lover’s dream. Finally, the sweet, rich, honey-like flavor of Kaki (Persimmon) candies inspired by the seasonal fall fruit and fruity, square-shaped Kyoyuzen Candy Mix will satisfy any sweet tooth.


Bokksu Subscription or Gift Plan

For a mix of authentic and delicious Japanese flavors, a Bokksu subscription or three, six, 12-month or monthly gift plan will deliver 20 to 25 candies, snacks, and tea pairings straight from Japan to your favorite sweet-lover’s door. Each box will simultaneously support a family-owned Japanese business while putting a smile on your friend or family member’s face as they explore the collection of threats.

You deserve authentic Japanese treats

Puku Puku Tai

This adorable fish-shaped treat is a reference to monaka, a traditional Japanese confection made with two layers of mochi wafers encasing a sweet filling, and taiyaki, a traditional fish-shaped cake commonly filled with sweet red bean paste. These Puku Puku Tai are crispy, fish-shaped shells filled with deliciously airy moose that comes in chocolate and strawberry variations. Although this treat is inspired by a summertime festival food, Puku Puku Tai are the perfect snack year round.

An Assortment of Japanese Kit Kats

Kit Kats are a fan-favorite beloved by kids and adults alike thanks to their crispy wafer interiors and smooth chocolate coatings. Japanese Kit Kats come in a wide range or flavors, making them a great gift for anyone who likes sweets. Dessert inspired Kit Kats like cookies and cream, cheesecake, and sakura mochi will satisfy a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, equally tasty—but slightly less sweet—flavors like dark chocolate, matcha, and sake will suit more mature palettes. Can't decide which Japanese Kit Kat to gift? We've got you covered. Our Kit Kat Party Box is filled with 60 Japanese Kit Kats in 18 different flavors, that are the most popular in Japan from Japan's iconic flavors to some regionally exclusive flavors you can only find in specific regions of Japan.

Are you looking for even more special Kit Kat? This premium Kit Kat Gift Box contains some of the best Kit Kats in Japan. The Kit Kat Chocolatory is a specialty store created by Kit Kat and the chocolatier Yamasu Takagi that focuses on creating the most premium luxury Kit Kats available on the market. It is known for its unique flavors, shape, and size that are rarely found outside of Chocolatory locations. This special Chocolatory Gift Box features 5 of their "Sublime" flavors: Sublime Bitter, Sublime Milk, Sublime White, Sublime Ruby, and Sublime Matcha; along with 2 fruit flavors: Strawberry and Yuzu. Like all Chocolatory products, these special Kit Kat bars are crafted with couverture chocolate, which is the highest grade of chocolate prized by chocolatiers for its superior flavor and texture.


Okinawa Kokuto Black Sugar Cookies

A product of Osaka, these cute sugar cookies are soft, sweet, and completely crave-worthy! Made with kokuto, one of Okinawa’s most famous regional products, this special brown sugar has been traditionally crafted since the 17th century by slowly cooking down pure sugarcane juice. Although this sweet treat will satisfy any sweet tooth, kokuto is a high-quality sugar that is actually said to boast some health benefits.

Bokksu Boutique Gift Card

Not sure which kind of sweet your co-worker, friend, or relative prefers? Not a problem! You can let them pick exactly what they want with a Bokksu Boutique gift card. This gift card can be used toward any item found on the Bokksu Boutique and can be loaded with $25, $50, $75, or $100 USD. Whether the sweet tooth in your life prefers baked goods, candy, chocolate, or other kinds of sweets, the receiver of a Bokksu Boutique gift card will have plenty to choose from.

You can’t go wrong sending a Japanese treat to someone who loves sweets. From baked goods and chocolate to candies and other confections, show the sweet tooths in your life some love by sending them a great Japanese gift.

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