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August Full Sneak Peek: Kuro

August Full Sneak Peek: Kuro

For the first time ever, we're revealing all of the delicious snacks and teas we've curated for August Bokksu BEFORE we've shipped them out. I personally love every single product we source from Japan, so I am proud to show and highlight each snack and tea from this month's box:

 August Bokksu Full Sneak Peek:

  1. Black Warabimochi by Nakajima Taishodo
  2. Black Honey Karinto by Tokyo Karinto
  3. Black Sesame Senbei by Kingodo
  4. Bake Chocolate by Morinaga Seika
  5. Amanatto by Tanba No Kurotaro
  6. Black Bean Tea by Terao Seifun

The last day to get your box of delicious "kuro" snacks is August 8 so subscribe today!

Happy snacking!

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