July 2018: Gino Wang From Taiwan

by Julia LiMarzi

Gino Wang from Taiwan

Member since April 2018

It's Member Spotlight time! This month's Member Spotlight is Gino Wang from Taiwan. He loves Japanese snacks for their consistent quality and their balance of flavors. His enthusiasm for Bokksu really makes us excited to come up with even better curations each month. Read what he has to say about his Bokksu experience:

1. How do you feel about being selected as our Bokksu Member Spotlight?

Every time I open Bokksu, I know it's going to be filled with sugar and spice and everything nice, and it always puts a smile on my face. To know that I've been selected to be featured with this magical orange box makes me feel like that kid on the block with the raddest shoes and the coolest bike. This is going to give me a lot of bragging rights.

2. What do you find most exciting about Japanese snacks?

That their tastiness is guaranteed as much as their quality.

3. What made you fall in love with Japanese snacks?

Japanese snacks have a very refined taste-- they're never over the top sweet, salty, or cheesy, and they always manage to strike the right balance between different flavors. At the end of the day, satisfaction is guaranteed when that senbei or that piece of fruit cake is put in your mouth.

4. What was your favorite snack and/or favorite theme in our past boxes?

My favorite theme has to be Blossoming Spring from April this year (2018). Normally I'm not one to like pink but this month's box just gets me, and I couldn't get enough of the white strawberries

5. On average, how long does your Bokksu last before you finish the whole box?

I tend to finish my box in less two weeks. But if I really let myself go, I can finish whole thing in a matter of days.

6. What Japanese snack would you like to see in a future Bokksu?

It's probably going to be a long shot, but I love Royce, especially their chocolate coated potato chips.

7. What is a future theme you would like to see Bokksu do?

Gluten-free would be a good theme. Just kidding. How about "All the Colors of the Rainbow"?

8. How would you describe the feeling you get when you’re about to open your Bokksu?

I feel like I get to celebrate Christmas every month of the year when I open my Bokksu. Happy holidays!

9. What are you most excited about this summer?

Lots and lots of froyo.

10. What is one Japanese food you just can’t get enough of (doesn’t have to be a Bokksu snack)?

Ikura (salmon roe) sushi

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